Thursday, July 3, 2014


Polls Polls Polls! Who takes these fucking things seriously? Well depending on your point of view they either mean everything (Thad Cochran is finished) or mean nothing (Thad Cochran is finished).

Quinnipiac University , I don't know if it's in Indiana or on the Moon, has taken polls for years that mean nothing. Yet for some reason because so called journalists are desperate to say anything other than the word "Kardashian" the Quinnipiac polls are constantly referred to as "news". Quinnipiac University , with 6000 polling majors, took a poll of what apparently are brain damaged people who still remembered how to pick up a phone while retaining no long term memory cells on who is the worst president since World War 2 and the winner was the guy in office now because who else can I think of that enrages me.

33% of the drooling phone picker uppers yelled out Obummer is the worst since World War 2 which ended when, in about 1960? 28% had enough brain matter left to holler out the worst of all time, the man who broke the world, the master of disaster, George W Bush. Then it drops down to 13% for an actual crook, Dick Nixon and 8% for the one guy everybody used to hate, the only decent human being who has held the office since Jesus founded America, Jimmy Carter. Damn, Republican hated of Bill Clinton has fallen off so much he only pulled 3% and he tied with Saint Reagan. I guess skin color beats blowjobs in Republican Hate Club.

Yep, 33% of respondents say that Obummer is the worst President while 35% say the guy who drooling in his lap by 1988, Saint Reagan, is the best. Something tells me the geniuses who voted both of those ways would say Nobama raised the national debt 100 times what every other President did combined and Saint Ronnie cut the deficit down to zero by cuttin all those welfare queens off from living like Mitt Romney.

Speaking of Mittens, 45% of the people who still have landlines and few clues now think electing a robotic cult member named Romney would have been a better choice than our current tyrant in chief.

The poll itself shows you the fallacy of polls like this. Truman, Ike, Kennedy, Johnson, Ford and even Carter hardly show up at all. Hell, who remembers them, they may as well be named Harrison, Grant or Van Buren. This lack of historical perspective on the part of Americans only shows you how idiotic polls like this are.

But Obummer won. And that will fuel the talk show hosts after they get their marching orders from the Heritage Foundation. Cranks will call in, jack off to Saint Reagan and kill the boner with talk of Nobama.

Perhaps the most insulting, some would say racist, reaction is that 54% of the people sitting at home watching Extra don't think Obama is "capable" of running the nation. Capable? Like a little out of his league Negro perhaps. Leave the leadership to the white guys is what I get out of that question. Fuck, war criminals like Bush and Dick were capable of leadership. Leading you right off a cliff but still "capable". That question is insulting at best and flat out racist at worst. I go for the second.

Now me, when a pollster calls me, dont answer the fucking phone cuz I have that newfangled caller ID thang. I don't need to lose even more brain cells by listening to a pollsters dumbass questions. I much prefer to kill them with beer.

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