Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jesse The Body Ventura!

I used to love Jesse "The Body" Ventura in the 1970's and 1980's when he was pretend wrestling in the old AWA. Strutting around in a boa, shades, paisley tights and a scruffy beard, Ventura, from Venice Beach California of course, always could holler better than he could "wrestle". But damn if he wasn't entertaining. A friend and I once saw Ventura wrestle at the old Omaha Civic Auditorium and get thoroughly whipped by another rassler named Big John Studd. Later, we pulled back the curtain backstage and there he was, Jesse, drinking Coors Light with Big John. Jesse pointed at us and gave us a thumbs up. Damn I loved Jesse.

Jesse Ventura, of course, is nuts. Batshit crazy. But damned if I don't still listen to everything he says like he was still threatening to break Baron Von Raschke in two. It's all bullshit. Always was, always will be.

Jesse Ventura won an 8-2 defamation of character lawsuit over the estate of the late Chris Kyle. Kyle, of course, is the American sniper who wrote a best selling book about whacking Iraqis, 160 or so, and claimed he once decked Jesse in a barfight where Jesse was disparaging the war or Bush or generally being Jesse. Jesse sued and won.

Now I have no idea what happened in that bar. Ventura says nothing happened. Kyle said he decked Jesse. Kyle is now dead, murdered by a kook he took to a gun range.

All I know about Chris Kyle is he believed the Iraqi War was some sort of crusade against "savages" and "animals" and had stated he wished he'd killed more than 160 humans "savages". He also had claimed he had killed two men trying to steal his truck someplace in Texas but the cops let him go. He claimed to have picked off "bad guys' in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Chris Kyle also claimed he punched Jesse Ventura in a bar and then ran away.

Jesse Ventura was full of shit in a profession that paid him to be full of shit. Tito Santana wasn't going to sue anybody for calling him a naughty name or for fake decking him.

Chris Kyle was in a profession that encourages "embellishment". His "story" of laying in wait and shooting people doesn't interest me in the least. I didn't read his book. I won't see Bradley Cooper further the myth. I have no interest in anything Chris Kyle did, or didn't do.

Jesus Christ, Chris, if you had to make something up about punching somebody, why Jesse Ventura? The man knows bullshit when he hears it cuz he gets paid to spew it forth.

I still love Jesse Ventura, even though he's won $1.8 million from a poor widow of an American hero and will probably take food out of Kyle's kids mouths too. Chrissakes, how can anybody live on $4.2 million the Kyle Kids still have?

Jesse The Body lies for a living and knows the rules. Chris Kyle didn't.

Case Closed.

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