Monday, July 21, 2014

The End Of Happiness!

I just wish that God would pull this jackoff right thru his bathroom glory hole straight into the hellfire he deserves.

Shit, I'm not happy any longer.

Thanks, Bryan Fischer, you closet case you. Because of you and your tiny lil mind I am no longer na na na ing along with Paul McCartney and now wishing I could stick my fist up your, oh never mind.

Fischer, who gives head to the American Family Association? Oh no, he IS head of the American Family Association, has such a problem with the gays he has called them "bullies" and "belligerent". Remember when Burger King put the Whopper in a rainbow wrap in San Fran only? Jesus Christ, how deviant. Fischer couldn't wait to say that hey come on, the last thing you need while eating some cow's ass is to "think of two guys having sex". That says more about you than I really want to know, Bry Bry.

Fischer is also not a fan of Mitch and Cam from Modern Family for being all gayee and stuff. Per Mr.Fischer, same sex relationships are portrayed as wonderful (well at least he didn't say fabulous) while heteros are portrayed as "bondage, dreary and gloomy". Christ,Bryan, once Mitch and Cam are a couple of years in, dreary, bondage and gloomy will take over there too.

But Brian Fischer tweeting out a message like that? When hundreds of innocent people were murdered by supporters of the right wing's favorite man's man, and AIDS researchers are among the dead, including Joep Lange, a man who saved lives, tried to save even more lives, and would have saved even more lives, is just the kind of thing a human gnat like Bryan Fischer should just shut the fuck up about.

Damn you, Bryan Fischer. It's YOU who is the one to take me from humming All My Loving to being mad again.

The next time you're incognito at a rest stop out on Highway 78, I hope some people finally realize what a stupendous fuckstick you are and refuse to make you happy. After all, The B F doesnt stand for Bryan Fischer ALL the time.


Jerry Critter said...

Stopping AIDS by persuading men not to have sex with men is like telling people to stay healthy by not getting sick.

Max's Dad said...

Brilliantly stated