Saturday, July 19, 2014


Eric Clapton is the most overrated performer, idolized by so many, of all time. There I said it again. So shoot me.

But from 1966 to 1968 he was "God". Well he was one of the trinity anyway, along with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, when Cream was around.

Cream existed for such a short period of time that most I cannot believe anyone even remembers them. But oh my god, do we ever. Hell, these guys were gone before I'd even gotten over my Monkee love. But they endure and endure and thank goodness for that.

There were only 4 albums. And every song was fuckin great. Clapton could play the hell out of the guitar back then. Bruce was the best bassist and vocalist out there and Ginger Baker, well Ginger Baker is a madman, a lunatic, maybe dangerous, and aren't those guys the best drummers around?

Favorite Song:

Tales of Brave Ulysses

Ginger Baker starts this song off with haunting drums, Bruce keeps the beat going and talks the lyrics like the Greek poem it really is and Clapton, damn forget what I said earlier, he plays the hell out of the guitar. English bands really are smarter than their American counterparts. This song is why. Who the fuck is Aphrodite?

Worst Song:

They don't have one. Instead they have even more favorite songs.


You couldn't go the internet and look up what that meant in 1967. So you assumed it was dirty. Or drug related. It isn't. Just remember, the rainbow had a beard and the picture had a mustache.


Clapton sings this one and probably appropriately. His good buddy, L'Angelo Misterioso, comes in about a minute inro the song. Who is that again? L'Angelo What? Everybody knew who it was.

White Room.

Hey,it has black curtains. Was this tune one of the first to have that wah wah talking guitar dealie?

I'm So Glad

I'm so glad they resurrected this "hit" from the 1920's. When you heard this song was as old as your parents you realized with a little tweak, good music is good music. And if you watch I'm So Glad from 2005 you may get what I mean about Clapton since about 1972. He's perpetually asleep at the wheel.


Sunshine Of Your Love

What else could it be? That riff is legendary. If Smoke on the Water or Day Tripper isn't the first riff aspiring guitar gods learn, this is the one. Dundundundundun dun dun dun dun dundundun. Classic. Unless some shit English band like "Fudge Tunnel" covers it.

Forget what I said about English bands being "smarter" than their American counterparts. Wow, that sucks mate.

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