Friday, July 4, 2014

U S A! U S A!

Happy Independence Day! U S A U S A!. Such a rhythmically soothing chant. U S A U S A! I have no idea when it was first used. I believe I first heard it during the 1980 Winter Olympics when a bunch of American college kids beat a bunch of Soviet professionals in a hockey game. U S A U S A! Hell, even I was screeching it then. Anytime after that though, it became obnoxious. Note the U S A U S A chants during the 1936 Berlin, 1984 Los Angeles Olympics when the United States basketball team was trouncing Angola or Somalia or the Vatican or somebody. Enough.

Since 1980 the U S A chant has gone from a genuine Jesus Christ we actually won something we shouldn't have to a sort of bullying screed yelled by drunks so beaten down that the idea of being able to kill others with military force is their whole self esteem. Uhhhhhhh yeah, I'm young and without hope but uhhhh the U S A U S A can bomb the shit out of you so U S A U S A! The luck of my parents sperm and eggs coming together in the U S A U S A makes me better than you!

Yeah it's obnoxious. But it's easy to holler. It's relatively harmless. It makes the whole rest of the world hate our guts. Big deal.

And then came Tuesday.

Murietta, California. A band of 200 or 300 or who cares, cranky people blocked a bus full of young children and families being transported to a processing center. Why were these 200 or 300 people so cranky over a bus full of kids? Oh yeah, they were those damned "illegals". Undocumented aliens if you're a pussy lib. Waving flags and waving signs telling these kids to go home cuz shit, that 8 year old Honduran might cause Murietta to become less than 81% white.

And then came the U S A U S A chant. The irony of that was lost on these latest versions of the Bundy ranch crowd. Surrounding a bus full of scared, homeless kids and refusing it entrance to the utopia that is Murietta is reprehensible. Mob rule by people who the next day overflowed a town hall and screeched for Honduran or Guatemalan children to be dropped off in Tijuana, screamed the old take care of our own first bullshit and by our own they mean themselves, and yelled for the impeachment of Nobama. Ohhhhhhhhhh I see.......

From now on, the Bundy Ranch crowd, itching for a fight, will descend on this town. Protesting against policies that allow people to come here illegally is fine. We know you hate them unless they come from Ireland or England or Germany and that's fine too. But to scare the shit out of children is not fine. It's bullying. It makes you bullies. U S A U S A chants while frightening foreigners looking to better themselves or save their own miserable lives makes you obnoxious douchenozzles.

But its on again. The unending fight to rid this nation of that black guy socialist Kenyan knows no boundaries. Even if we have to make kids piss their pants in fear, it will not stop us from wailing about impeaching Obummer, howling about "illegals" taking our jerbs or participating in any other modern day Klan rallies.

The Statue weeps. Your Jesus weeps.

Happy Birthday U S A U S A! Now that Tim Howard is done saving the nation, celebrate by watching gluttons stuff hot dogs in their mouths like I do! Now that is the U S A U S A!

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