Monday, June 30, 2014

Trollops, Vamps And Hussies!

There ya go, sluts. You want to sex up every man you come in contact with, the Supreme Court says you can't make Hobby Lobby pay for your tramp pills you have to pop everytime you open the vayjayjay. Poor Hobby Lobby, importing all their shit from China because Americans demand too much money to live. Now they had to pay for harlot pills too. Jesus H Christ, Hobby Lobby can't possibly stay in business having to pay for whore pills AND Viagra and vasectomies too. Fuck, I mean Frick, Hobby Lobby cannot be expected to violate its firmly held religious principles of love and concern by forking over it's hard earned slave labor money so bitches and ho's can tempt the ruling males with their bumpy things and strumpet ways with no consequences of babies and no food stamps.

The United States Supreme Court, having now passed the United States House of Representatives as the biggest danger to American society, in one day has told women to go fuck themselves again, and told freeloading workers benefiting from union negotiation they can keep their dues and contribute them to the Koch Brothers instead like any good 'Merican would.

These meatheads, Tony the Rat Scalia, Uncle Thomas, Sam the Sham Alito, John Mister Roberts and Anthony I Shame the Name Kennedy, have told women they are too goddamned unimportant to give a shit about. Now Sotomayor and Kagan, go get us some sweet tea and pick some up for Ginsburg since she's so old and decrepit. Now were's my Viagra?

This Court in the last week has allowed lunatics protesting abortion to get in anybody's face they wish by striking down buffer zones designed to keep Cialis popping men from demanding women have babies and then screeching what floozies they are for having babies. Striking down buffer zones from behind a buffer zone. On the other hand who'd want to get close to those cranky old men anyway? Except maybe today.

Men telling women what to do. It's as American as mass shootings!

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