Saturday, April 12, 2014

War Horse!

We don't get many dramatic plays from the Broadway Across America Series around here. They tend to all be musicals, but War Horse galloped into town this week and we went.

The Spielberg movie didn't do much for me at the time. It was all right, but there was just something missing.

I get it now, it was the thrill of live theater that was missing.

War Horse is the story of Joey, a horse that belonged to a young man in pre-World War I Britain. Joey grows up, gets sold by a drunken father, drafted into the British Army, charges machine guns in No Man's Land, gets taken by the Germans and eventually caught up in barbed wire where English and German soldiers come together to help free him. Does he end up back in his original owner's arms? You betcha.

The story is predictable, but to see puppeteers make Joey move and run and whinny and do all the things horses do is truly remarkable. I swear within 2 minutes of seeing the young foal, Joey, I had forgotten the fact there were three very visible actors onstage making him wag his tail, shy away and walk around. It is amazing to watch.

If this tremendous production gets in your neck of the woods, charge down the stretch and go.


Steve Finnell said...


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Max's Dad said...


okjimm said...

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