Thursday, April 10, 2014

Paul Ryan? Is He Still Around?

Paul Ryan, wunderkind! This Twerp's the "brains" behind the Republican Party? Really?

Ryan's deader than Ronald Reagan budget passed the House of Reprehensibles today by a 219-205 vote. Of course, this is all for show, and to give a handjob to the egomaniac that is Paul Ryan, because this budget wouldn't pass if Ayn Rand came back to life and used her Social Security money to whack every Democrat in Congress. Paul Ryan is a fraud. But let's say the Munster budget did become reality. What would happen?

No more health care for the poor, no more student loans, no more food stamps, no more Obamacare, no more Medicare, no more education, and of course the Pentagon gets even more money to buy tanks and planes and shit. And oh yeah, taxes get cut for corporations and for the Koch Brothers. This Ryan kid is a up and comer, I tell ya David Koch, now put your dick back in Eric Cantor's mouth.

If any Democrat doesn't pick this cheese football up and run with it, they deserve to lose. That's Paul Ryan's America, folks. Poor, fuck you. Sick, fuck you. Old, fuck you. Young, fuck you. Hungry, fuck you. Stupid, come vote for us.

Paul Ryan is everything Joe Biden scoffed at in 2012. A poser.

And oh yeah. Ryan, fuck you. Signed Pope Francis.

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