Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Have Popgun Will Travel!

Ok ok, despite all the Sean Hannity dumbness, the Fox News and the right wing media's itching for a massacre coverage, that deadbeat liar Ted Bundy or Cliven Bundy or whatever the fuck his name is, did not go down in a blaze of glory this past week. Not because of a bunch of jobless losers with guns but because the very federal government that fucksticks like Bundy refuse to recognize backed off. Oh sorry, racist shitheels, you didn't get your Waco. Ah shit!

I haven't seen this many losers in one place since I last went to Wrigley Field to watch an unarmed baseball team. I mean this garbage is so nonsensical and so based upon a bunch of white trash with way too much time on their hands it doesn't even warrant coverage. But the Fox News Channel, in its never ending coverage of the oppressed white male, has turned what amounts to a deadbeat into a hero. Can you imagine if a group of SNAP recipients stole food stamps or bought lobsters with said food stamps? Heroes, all!!!...uhh no.....

Christ, this Bundy Ranch bunch is something else. From a brilliant strategy of sticking the militia womenfolk in front to be mowed down by gubmint thugs, to actually turning Glenn Beck into a voice of reason, this crowd of cowboy hatted flunkees has really picked a winner to stand up to the Kenyan Muslim Commie Hussein once and for all.

Cliven Bundy has been mooching off the federal government for 20 years. He is 67 years old and thus I assume he is on Medicare, Social Security and judging from his ample belly eats well. Funny how he and his band of horse riding pretend cowboys hate the federal government but ride around waving that flag all the goddamned time. The utter child like playtime bullshit of these grown adults baffles me. I know they hate the black guy in the White House and actually have convinced themselves that because they carry around a rifle being all 2nd Amendmenty they have backed down the evil power of the feds.

Oh you kids. You and your rifles couldn't stop a Mormon missionary in his tracks. You aint that tough. One drone from the Mooslim Pretend President Drone King and you go boom. I am certainly not advocating that. No not at all!!!

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