Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The reaction of the Supreme Court to 2012's horrific decision of the American public to re-elect that African spy to the White House AFTER they'd greased the skids with the Citizen's United decision must have been just devastating to them. Well suh, if Sheldon Adelson's millions and the Koch Brothers millions backdoored via Super Duper PACS wasn't good enough to put Mittens Von Romney into the Oval Office well we must do more to get those skids even greasier.

Bring us Sean McCutcheon bailiff. Sean McCutcheon is an Alabaman. A rich Alabaman. Probably misses the good old days when old Colonel Cyrus McCutcheon owned guys like Clarence Thomas and Doc Ben Carson. Sean wasn't allowed to give the I'm more patriotic than you amount of $1776 to 27 neanderthal Congressional candidates because that was more than the $46,200 he could legally bribe, errrr, contribute to the geniuses he supported. So, with the help of the Republican National Committee, he sued the Federal Election Commission so he could give even more $1776's to his faves.

Today, the 5 conservative dicks who inhabit the Supreme Court did their duty and made it even easier for the coming plutocracy to thrive. Along with the states limiting the poors and the blacks and the Mexicans from even casting a vote, the dream of our Founding Fathers is getting closer. White male property owners and their not sluts wives voting and only them voting. Just like the Founding Fathers wanted.

So now, McCutcheon can send all the brain deads he wants $1776. Elena Kagan, one of those three liberal tramps on the Court, did her math and wrote that now, a rich dude could theoretically send $3.5 million to one party by contributing to each and every candidate, though it's hard to believe anybody would be reckless enough with their job creator money to give Rep Steve King (BigCalfophobe-Ia) one red cent.

But John Roberts , the smug Chief Justice, was so worried about Sean McCutcheon's freedom of speech that he joined up with the bad guys again and wrote the 5-4 decision. Christ, Clarence Thomas even awoke from his diabetic coma to say if it was up to him, he'd remove any limit on contributions and just put the White House and Congress up for sale because of his love for freedom, and fried foods.

Nice going, Supremes. Finally, the oppressed 1% will have its rights restored that Barry Hussein has taken away by actually winning two times.

It's getting closer and closer to what Dennis told us was coming.

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