Wednesday, April 9, 2014

0 Dead!

Hey Nate, good for you. You got shot in the latest school massacre by some nut with a gun and you want everybody to know you survived that gunshot to your arm. Shit, what was it, a grazing wound? You must have run like hell ducking and dodging bullets all the way outside. Then I assume the killer shot himself and it ended with what, about 20 dead kids?

Whaaaaat? A knife? What is this, China??? You mean to tell me some 16 year old started stabbing people and nailed 20 of them before I assume stabbing himself. No? He was caught? Nobody died? I'm sorry, Larry Pratt, have you crawled out from your panic room yet? You must be so unhappy that nobody died. Hey, Dan Zimmerman, you must be crushed that everybody will recover.

The only solution to this new problem is to arm every teacher with not only a big sidearm, but a big knife also because of course the only solution to a bad guy with a knife is a good guy with a knife and a gun and a flamethrower.

It's all the same folks. Knives, Guns, whats the difference? Oh I don't know.

Sandy Hook--- 26 dead

Murraysville- 0 dead

Yeah whats the difference?

Well, young Nate for one. Nate pulled the fire alarm and started the evacuation, hollering to kids to run like hell.

He's a good guy with no gun. Not a pussy with no gun, Larry Pratt.

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