Saturday, June 24, 2017

Women In TV!

Enough about this Republican plot to give tax breaks to the rich at the expense of the poor children. These motherfuckers have proven to be subhuman creeps bent on destroying the nation, get rich doing it, and still get re-elected by cult members indoctrinated by Fox News, right wing radio and their own bigotry. For now, fuck em all.

Television is great nowadays. Its so damn good that you dont have enough time to watch it all. But 3 shows out there are so dominated by women who soar far above everyone else that they are not to be missed.

House of Cards (Netflix) is getting a bad rap because the crazy scenarios dont seem so crazy any longer. It is a compelling show that has just gotten better as far as I am concerned. But one person has stepped up and taken over the show even as Kevin Spacey's Francis Underwood has grown a bit stale. Robin Wright has gained control of this show every bit as much as Claire Underwood has gained control of the country. Now I have not seen this entire season yet because I dont binge anything except crap that makes me fat or drunk, but from what I've seen thus far, Robin Wright deserves every Emmy she's ever received. Oh wait, she's never got one? Christ on a cracker thats insane. Well at least that orange pile of melted bronze, Donald F Trump, has none either. Robin Wright is absolutely the reason to watch this show. You cannot stop both hating her guts, and wishing she was real. If women werent their own worst enemies in the voting booth, Claire Underwood would already be running the show.

The Handmaid's Tale (Hulu) is the tale of Mike Pence's America. Based on the Margaret Atwood novel, the Hulu series studies what would happen if a theocratic maniac, like Mike Pence, ever came to power and put the broads in their place. Elizabeth Moss dominates this show mostly out of the fact she's in virtually every scene and she's damn good at it. Never once will you scream less Moss, more Joseph Fiennes. Moss plays the role of the Handmaiden with a sadness and a sense of rebellion that you cant stop watching. She's the anti-Claire Underwood, powerless yet yearning to be free. I did see the entire series and thought it got better and better and cannot wait for the next set of episodes. I'm going to break my rule here and say, not scream, less Moss and more Alexis Beidel. Her character disappears halfway through the season and made me wonder what happened because I refused to admit she may be dead. But since Beidel has been made a regular for next session, this show may even get better with age.

Orange Is The New Black has dropped on Netflix and I have seen a few of them. This show has been so up and down with me I often wonder why I stick with it. I mean I swear to Christ that when Piper and Alex or that fucking Brook is onscreen I lose all interest in not only the show but in life itself. Those characters are a gigantic snooze. But when the remainder of the cast is onscreen it really is a fascinating study in women characters. I love the backstories, I love the characters, I love the fact the inmates are all scholars. On the other hand I hate that horrid opening song and I despise Piper, Alex and that fucking Brook. Bit I still watch because of Tasty and Red and Caputo and Crazy Eyes and Diaz and Morello and Nicky and Cindy and Yoga and Pennsatucky and Sophia and Boo and Judy and those two meth heads and the whatever happened to Lori Petty. So I will eventually find out if this riot takes up the whole season. I still want more. Even if do catch a short nap every now and then.

But before I go, lets me hail one woman who has dominated a great show for years and that is Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in Homeland. Danes has carried that show for 6 seasons now and shows no sign of letting go of her crown. She has two Emmys for Homeland and each is well deserved. Not to mention Danes has the unique ability to say the word fuck as naturally as a DeNiro, a Pesci or a Pacino. From the first time I heard her exclaim about the Pakistani Spy Agency "I dont trust those fuckers" Claire Danes has a spot in the fuck Hall of Fame. And that is a great honor. Claire, you're fuckin great!

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