Friday, June 2, 2017

The Pittsburgh Accords!

Mark it down. June 1,2017. The day the United States of America gave up any moral leadership they may have had in the world and simply became a very large bully whose only claim to fame was we can bomb the shit out of you. What did anyone expect? The country somehow elected a 70 year old bloated ignoramus to lead it into this isolationist bubble. The somehow can be debated endlessly as Trump supporters use their great math skills to scream how 67 million is more than 64 million and how an affirmative action electoral system did its job by installing white supremacists into office or how upset they were by their racism cultural anxiety bigotry homophobia sexism Islamophobia economic anxiety over their jobs being outsourced to foreigners like Obama.

Donald F Trump is the goddamned fucking Anti-Christ and I dont even believe there's a Pro-Christ. This man, bent on settling personal scores, has become a danger to not only the United States, but now to the entire world. By pulling out of the Paris Accords in an attempt to turn the country back into 1940's Pittsburgh by appealing to a bunch of coal miners still destroying their lives willingly cuz Daddy was a coal miner and grandaddy was a coal miner and by gawd my kids will be coal miners too. Anyone with any sense of the future knows that coal is dead. There is no such thing as clean coal. Green is the way of the future. But Trumpski, the Putin puppet, will never stop catering to dummies clinging to the past. He has convinced them that up is down, left is right, Russia is our buddy and Germany is our enemy, and that a bad Kathy Griffin joke is far worse than a great Obama "joke".

I will not tell everyone I know all about the Paris Accords. I just assume people a whole lot smarter than me, like scientists and dummies like that, put the data together and other people smarter than me examined it. They then put it into an accord signed by every nation in the world other than Syria, in the midst of a revolution and led by a murderous despot, and Nicaragua, who though the Accords were drawn up by a bunch of pussies not willing to go far enough. And now us. A nation led by a Toddler In Chief who felt slighted by other leaders because they excluded him from building a whole lot of golf courses in Europe to make him even more money. That and the speculation that Putin told him to pull out to further a rift between our Allies of 70 years and us. Oh that damned pee tape.

Donald F Trump has to be stopped. The only people who can stop him are the Republicans. Thanks to gerrymandering and voter suppression, this party of greedy moral dwarfs owned by special interests won the Congress again. Two years is a long time. 2018 is the only hope we have left. To rid ourselves of this band of corporate puppets, soulless zombies, racists and outright idiots from any role in leading this nation into being an island of ignorance while the Russians and the Chinese take advantage is paramount to our survival as a world power. Yeah sure, we can drop bombs on people and kill thousands of innocent civilians ISIS fighters anytime we want. So what? That doesnt make you a "power". It makes you a bullying asshole everybody hates and eventually they band together to take down. To do so means partnering up with other bullying assholes who at least pretend to be on your side. We cannot let that happen.

So on June 1, 2017 this overgrown orange pile of fungus has withdrawn us from the world. We can only hope that Mayors and Governors and responsible business leaders can tell the orange pile of toxic sludge to go pound coal with his base. For the next 18 months, its our only task. Throw these government hating pricks out.

Just dont get body slammed by petulant billionaires. Instead punch back. Punch hard..

To Pittsburgh I say, you are a modern thriving city insulted by an orange pile of soot. So enjoy your second straight Stanley Cup. You've earned it after that insult.

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