Thursday, June 8, 2017

Comey Don't Play!

Sometimes having a job sucks. I mean not only is it an activity so awful they have to pay you to do it, it takes 8 hours or more out of your day. Then you cant watch James Comey tear Donald F Trump a new comb-over in front of a gang of Trump apologists and a smaller band of super heroes bent on saving America from this cyclone of ineptitude called the Putin Trump Administration.

So I listened as much as I could. Things I learned from James Comey today.

1) Donald F Trump is a liar

2) Donald F Trump is under investigation for collusion with Russians bent on electing him their puppet president and for obstruction of justice.

3) Donald F Trump is such a slimy pile of scum, that grown men who are 6 foot 7 are begging others to not leave him alone with him ever again.

4) John McCain is a senile old crank. Talk about #Sad.

5) Republicans are throwing their hands in the air defending Trump and coming up with an even newer excuse. Donald Trump is a dumbfuck. Cut him some slack.

6) Donald Trump Jr is a pale imitation of his father on twitter. He tweets as fast as his crooked old man, but the content is only 39 year old crazy, not 70 year old syphilis crazy.

7) Idaho has elected some real boneheads to the Senate but Senator James Risch may be the boniest head of all.

8) Little Marco Rubio has no pride left in his lil body.

9) Senator John McCain watches late night Arizona Diamondbacks games proving he is a senile old crank

10) A liar like Sarah Huckabee Sanders defending a liar like Donald Trump is just so precious. Just like her Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm dress.

11) Jim Comey knew Trump lies like a 12 year old dog because he took notes after meeting with the Liar In Chief

12) Mike Pence and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions are just as guilty as the Spy in Chief

13) The Russian hookers definitely peed on Donald Trump or as Comey referred to it as "salacious" things he couldn't discuss in open hearings.

14) Trump is so lonely he has dinner with dullards like Tom Cotton

15) While Comey was telling the world what a complete slimy gob of algae Trump is, The House was making it easier for the big banks to fuck over the economy again

16) "Lordy I hope there are tapes" is as good as anything Alexander Butterfield said

17) Senator Roy Blunt (House Plant-Mo) asked a great question "“If the president hadn’t fired you, would you still be the FBI director?”. But it begs the question. How may times a day does Mitch McConnell have to water that idiot?

18) Senator Angus King (Mighty Mustache-Me) not being able to beat Comey to the punch with “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?” was the moment Trump went HUH? the loudest. Ya see Trump is a dumbfuck. See #5.

19) Trump's shyster lawyer, Mark Kasowitz, definitely tans at the same place Trump turns orange. And lose the Andrew Jackson hair. Or is that how you got the job? Because Trump admires genocidal maniacs?

20) James Comey may turn into the John Dean of this inevitable destruction of a putrid administration. For that all real Americans, not Russian puppets, should say thanks a lot.

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