Sunday, June 18, 2017

Is It Too Soon?

Is it no longer too soon? To talk honestly? Or are we supposed to stand down and let the Republicans continue on their closed door mission to take away health care from millions, stomp on non-Christians, back off on progress in the attempt to take a nation back 75 years, closet the gays, and starve the poor? Uhhhhh no.

Republicans were practicing for an annual meaningless baseball game they play against Democrats on a ball field in Alexandria, Virginia when shots rang out. There was a gunman attempting to pick them off one by one. Representative Steve Scalise, a bigoted white nationalist from Louisiana, went down from a bullet to the hip. Two members of Scalise's security detail sprung into action. Crystal Griner and David Bailey both engaged in a gun battle with the Bernie Bro (cant leave that out or Donnie Junior will cry)and were hit themselves. The gunman was killed and Scalise was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and is expected to recover and get back to being an asshole very soon.

Crystal Griner is a black gay woman married to another woman. The kind of person who people like Scalise abhor for whatever reason lies in their sick minds. David Bailey is a black man. So when a black man and a black woman save this right wing kook's life, you may think that a lot of views may become murky. Gun nuts who favor mentally ill domestic abusers being able to walk into any gun store and buying whatever the hell they want may think a bit more about their definition of freedom. They may think a bit more about accepting money from a terrorist organization like the NRA. They may think that since a black man and a black gay woman saved the life of a powerful House member maybe their views on gay rights and civil rights are outdated and plain wrong. Maybe they will think of the danger they faced that day and stop being pricks and love their fellow man no matter their color, their sexuality, their religion or their gender.

Christ what am I thinking? Of course thats not happening. Scalise will meet with Griner and Bailey, get his picture taken with them, put it in his fundraising letters, and get back to suppressing their rights just as fucking soon as he can. Guys like Scalise dont change. They are motivated by money and adulation from fellow white nationalists whining about "special rights" and "white male oppression". Look, I am glad Scalise wasnt killed and hope he recovers fully. I am recovering from a broken leg and at my age am afraid I'll never be the same so I identify with severe injuries. I also hope Scalise does have an awakening to his past behavior. His "I am David Duke without the baggage" days. But I doubt it.

These times are volatile. The right jumped on this shooting so fast to whine about the left and its "hatred". Donnie Junior went crazy on twitter blaming the lefties, I assume because Daddy's phone had been hidden by the adults in the White House. Sean Hannity and the other media creeps cried about leftist hate, Kellyanne Conway wept about how 50% of twitter would cheer her shooting. Cmon Kel, you aint that important and besides it would be more like 75%. But the right loves this shooting. Its the event they have been wishing for for years, that and another 9/11. Now they have it. A Bernie Bro shot one of their own. Yippee! Meanwhile another shooting actually killed 4 people the same day in San Francisco and not one of them gave a shit. Paul Ryan stood there and did his best impression of a human being by decrying the shooting and then went back to his Ayn Rand man cave and plotted to starve old people.

The shooting of these people was horrid and it is terrorism. Terrorism that is preventable by not allowing domestic abusers and crazy people to obtain guns. But they will do nothing. As usual. So to hell with all of them who fail to act.

Meanwhile, Nikos Giannopoulos, Rhode Island Teacher of the Year, doesnt give a damn what Trump's America thinks about him. And quite frankly, neither Trump nor Melania seem to care either and that is what makes this whole administration so deplorable. Nikos Giannopoulos teaches high school kids in Woonsocket (what a name) and is, gasp, a proud gay man. My goodness, Mike Pence must have moved even further back in his White House closet like office to avoid such nonsense such as honoring one of his own them. People like Nikos, who dont hide who they are, are the key to stopping this administration's lurch back into darkness.

Much like I hope that Scalise comes around to sanity. I hope America dismisses the nutjob 30% and comes to say no more. We have come a long way in my lifetime, not far enough by any means, but it is better than when I was a child. This whiplash type nonsense to go back to when white men were king and the rest stayed in their place will eventually be crushed. Progress is inevitable.

Good job Nikos.

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