Monday, June 5, 2017

The Week I Wish It Wasn't!

Another crazy week has ended and another one has begun. This last 136 days of absolute chaos has been a nonstop descent into the cavern of irrelevance this country voted for. Well, again, not really, but whatevs. Nice going , hillbillies.

Conservatives became all pearl clutching earlier in the week by a picture posted by shock comedian Joan Rivers Jr Kathy Griffin of her holding the bloody severed head of one Donald F Trump. Conservatives, nahhhhhh I'll cut them a break, it was Trumpers, who are simply hateful cult members led by an orange tub of goo, became all offended as they tend to do whenever their Jim Jones leader is called a name or in any way dissed, went crazy. Like a band of hyenas engorging on a wounded wildebeest , these Ted Nugent loving gangs of human wackiness demanded apologies, demanded firings, hammered Griffin's employers, demanded things that could never happen so they could stay all pissed, the natural state for white nationalists Trump voters.

We heard from Donnie Junior, who seems to have taken point in defending his slap happy sperm donor. Donnie Junior attacked relentlessly. CNN, Kathy Griffin, CNN, CNN, CNN. When CNN eventually fired her from her 4 hour a year gig, it wasn't fast enough for the slayer of endangered species. Donnie Junior has learned, I'll give him that. He is becoming his father. A totally dishonest baby pool of orange slime.

Kathy Griffin then did what she should have NEVER done. Hold a presser with a publicity seeking lawyer and turn herself into a victim. Jesus, Kathy, the Trumpers already hate you, why piss off your fans by crying and turning yourself into yet more Trump debris? The Kathy Griffin I know and love would have apologized and then said no I meant to do this, hold up the phony severed head of a bloody Donnie Junior. Kathy let me down.

Bill Maher comes across to me as a complete asshole. I doubt I would like him in real life. I cringe when he attacks Islam, I roll my eyes when he shoves his atheism down my throat, but he's the voice of reason in so many ways, I watch him anyway. Maher dropped an N bomb while speaking with a neanderthal Senator from my state named Ben Sasse (Watch out-Ne). Now Sasse is likable, he comes across as reasonable, but when he asked Maher to come to Nebraska and "work the fields" Maher said he was more of a "house n***a" and moved on. Shit, Bill, cringe to the umpteenth power. What the fuck? You cant say that.

Cue the conservative outrage again. While most of the Trumpers were convening their Bund meetings and talking smack about towel heads and beaners and lezbos and homos and n bombs, the fact a libertarian said n***a made them spit out their Pabst. Oh my, the Trumper boners were raging as they could go apoplectic on a couple of comedians they hate in one goddamned week? What the hell? Heaven for Trumpers.

Maher also apologized after claiming his lack of sleep was causing him to drop the house n bomb. Well that and the fact Ben Sasse (Con Artist-Ne) is so charming he thought he was in friendly company. Now Bill has been in trouble before, and will be in trouble again, thats who he is. But this time he brushed the third rail. I hope he recovers, just as I do hope Kathy recovers. But it is going to be a rough few weeks for both.

London experienced another terrorism event. The world was outraged, again. Three mentally unstable criminals decided to run down people on a bridge in a rented truck, hop out and start stabbing innocent people. London police within 8 minutes shot all three of these creeps and the carnage was over. London went on with business. They upped police presence, the investigations of these criminal cells continued, and the Brits, stiff upper lip and all, and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, told the world the truth. All Foreign leaders expressed their support for the British people and gave their condolences to the dead and injured. Well almost all.

Donald F Trump moved on this tragedy like he moved on bitches asking for it. He first pimped his travel ban. THEN he expressed sympathy. THEN he hammered the Muslim Mayor of London by taking a quote out of context. The slimy POTUS, elected with 3 million less votes than his opponent, then began a twitter tirade about his so called travel ban. Like a whiny ass teenager who knows he's beaten, Trump doubled down on the "travel ban" saying his Department of Injustice Justice was a bunch of pussies and that his unconstitutional original travel ban was the way to go. This of course is nothing more than a shout out to his base of bigots, gun nuts.Nazis, idiots and low IQ low information fans. The Supreme Court must be face palming over this. At least some of them are, right? I just dont know any longer.

NBC News, in its never ending quest to be liked by the righties (give up for chrissakes), unleashed Megyn Kelly onto America as a kind of desperate attempt to grab the crowd under 60 who doesnt watch 60 Minutes. Now Kelly, she of the soon to be late Fox News, is really nothing more than a right of center news reader who got onto the wrong side of the band of thugs called Donald F Trump fans by actually asking him a relevant question at a debate. Kelly caused a crowd of baboons to laugh and cheer as she noted Trump's misogyny and the downhill slide at Fox began. So NBC overpaid her to do what she does.

What she does is cover for the power structure, and ask softball questions of a murderous dictator who has the POTUS in his back pocket. Oh that damned pee tape again. Kelly is now the woman who got run over by a bunch of cultist hoodlums in the United States and run over by a hoodlum running Russia and by proxy, The United States. And for this, NBC pays her millions. Millions.

Looks like NBC News has given Megyn Kelly and early Christmas with their millions. That interview with the President of the United States Russian leader was so soft you could say it was mighty white of her.

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