Sunday, July 2, 2017

Trump Trailer Park!

For the hundredth time it needs to be said, and its not fake news, that this man, Donald Trump, is a disgrace to the United States of America. Not only as President (shudder) but as an American citizen, and lastly as a human being. And now it's time to say this. If you still think this man is funny, or right about his classlessness, or an effective leader, or you just like him cuz he pisses off "libtards" well then you are also a disgrace to this nation and to your humanity. I wouldnt say you are all stupid, though woo, watching you Trumpers speak out loud on television doesnt help your IQ case much, but you do have a choice. You're either just plain dumb, or you're just a plain old bitter asshole. Your choice MAGA maniacs.

The pundits who proclaim that Trump's tweeting is just a diversionary tactic to take the attention off his Russian problems are incorrect. Oh that may be whats happening but its not because Trumpski has some sort of grand plan, its because his tweeting is who he is. A raunchy man child bent on revenge over every slight he's every received or thought he'd received. He is, after all, a pretend billionaire from Queens who moved to Manhattan living off Daddy's slum lord money and immediately was rejected a low rent and crass, which of course he is. His desire to be accepted by the very people he insults and trashes and lies about like a coward on Twitter is simply a primal lash out from a yucky Queens commoner who never will be welcomed by the Bloombergs, the Hamptons crowd, the Broadway crowd or the Hollywood types he pretends to loathe.

His appeal to the rich greedheads is easy to understand. They just want money. Lots and lots of money. If you are poor or middle class or hurting, tough shit, you should have just inherited money like they did. But the appeal to the poor white people is just baffling. Maybe not so baffling a year ago when their naivete may have kicked in and they thought this crass barroom brawler was on their side and was going to stop the browns and the blacks and the women from taking their 19th century jobs away when it was really just progress and greedy corporations ready to cut them loose. But now, after this repugnant pig has proved time after time its all about winning, no matter who gets hurt the support is just self destructive. And this complicit Republican Congress and its using this vulgar clown to dismantle government and enrich even further their stingy donors and thus enrich themselves is also ignored by these people who apparently have let their racism and every other ism take control of their sour minds.

Trumps personal tweets about a morning cable TV show started a storm of real outrage from decent people and a lot of phony outrage from his conniving Congressional conspirators. These Congressional pricks feigned their disappointment and within one day began to conspire to remove 50 million people from the health care rolls. See Ben Sasse (Dangerous-Ne). This soft talking goof wants to repeal the ACA NOW and not even replace it. Instead he proposes holding hearings in DC the entire month of August which of course he knows will never happen. And the vile POTUS jumped onboard that scheme because after all, Winning.

Trump is a gross mysogynistic monster. Ryan is a misanthropic monster. McConnell is an ungrateful monster. Thats why resistance to this pseudo fascist regime must continue. I know we all are tired of all of this shit and cant wait for 2018 when perhaps this can come to an end by cock blocking this Russian controlled sexual predator with one branch of government but we have to keep the energy alive. We have to fight.

Maybe the Russian thing will get him. Maybe his entire grifter family will go down for their obvious attempt to raid the Treasury and make themselves even more wealthy. From Donnie Junior's low minor league attempts to emulate his smutty father on twitter, to Eric's lame ass attempts to dehumanize his scuzzy father's opponents, to Ivanka's blatant attempts to pimp her Goodwill bound line of whatevers, to Jared's meddling into all sorts of things over his dumb ass to mask his real goal to become his debt ridden grungy father in law, to Barron's upcoming signing by Arsenal, this trailer park dime store billionaire brood of degenerates will never stop. They will not stop shoveling unearned money into the rental truck until they are stopped. The Congress wont stop them, hell they have their own rental over there, so its up to us.

Call your corrupt traitorous Congressional critter and leave them messages until the voice mail is full. Keep hammering. This country, and perhaps the world, is in deep shit.

Meanwhile, enjoy the "billionaire" hayseeds tweets about women and their bleeding. Could Canada grow a pair and just invade us?

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