Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Good Old Days!

I was an idealistic teenager in 1973 when the Watergate hearings dominated the summer. I hated Nixon, absolutely hated the man. He was a paranoid liar who made me crazy. And then he was gone in 1974 and was I happy. My hatred went away and I realized that Nixon was a sad figure with really bad people fueling his paranoia. The real assholes were the Haldemans, the Ehrlichmans, the Mitchells, the Segrettis, the Liddys and the Agnews. And with the benefit of hindsight, Nixon was a fucking progressive compared to these backwards thinking brain deads who dominate the Republican Congress nowadays.

The last 48 hours have seen the meltdown of a fucking lunatic who is putting this nation into grave danger. How much longer can this orange pile of goop be allowed to continue?

Monday morning started with the Pervert in Chief posing for pictures with the White House interns, many of whom Im sure he was scoping out for future dating privileges. There were two black guys, the rest were white boys and girls, over a hundred of these dimbulbs standing there next to the Statutory Rapist in Chief. When a female reporter hollered at the Traitor In Chief a question about the Attorney General, Trump began making faces and hilarity ensued. The cute lil interns all laughed (they better, Im sure the tape was watched) and Trump told yet another female to "be quiet".

Monday afternoon featured the Swine in Chief speaking in front of a group of "victims" of Obamacare. More like zombies as they stood behind the Imbecile In Chief as he implored the Congress to repeal Obamacare because after all it was championed by that black guy he wants to erase from the history books. The black guy who joked about his stupid show and made him run. The zombies in back, with their unblinking eyes and the goofy stares, had no idea they were being used by a man perfectly willing to fuck them over also. I am really not sure why anyone would stand there and listen to soulless vessel of Satan tell them yeah you losers will be out in the cold with no health care plan also. Losers!\

Monday evening the The Evil Doer in Chief went to the annual Boy Scout Jamboree, a place where a bunch of scarf wearing homophobic adults try and entertain a group of young boys by building fires and handing out badges ad nauseum. The Cult Leader in Chief began his speech by stating who wants to listen to politics and then began to talk of nothing but how great he was, how much he won by, how repealing Obamacare was essential, how much he won by, how everybody hates him, fake news blah blah blah. And then the Lout in Chief gizzed up the puberty battered boys by implying his buddy bought a yacht and had a lot of orgies on it, Very interesting times, Yeah get it , Trump's buddy screwed a lot of babes on that boat and yep Trump probably did to. Wink wink! But getting a group of young children to actually boo a former Presidents name and a former Secretary of State's name may have been the lowest of the lows and there are literally hundreds of low moments in this Creep in Chief's reign. Great example for your future Trump Youth.

Tuesday evening The Hustler in Chief flew on our dime off to blue collar heaven. Youngstown,Ohio for yet another rally in front of his cultists who did not disappoint. As the Con Artist in Chief rolled his eyes and swiveled his bloated head and claimed he was "presidential" and joked about putting his blimpish head on Mount Rushmore (though from the reaction not sure the dopes who went got it) and claimed he won every precinct in Youngstown. Well no, Liar in Chief you in fact lost every precinct in Youngstown but who gives a shit about facts anymore? Huh? The massive handjob that the Degenerate in Chief got from these inarticulate losers was enough to make him tweet about "records" being broken in attendance. Hey Hallucinogenic in Chief, the arena only holds 7.000 idiots at a time so the only "record" you may have broken is the Lowest Collective IQ in an arena at one time.

But Wednesday morning was an even lower moment than getting a bunch of glorified nerds to boo a former President. The Bigot in Chief blindsided everybody by declaring that transgendered human beings will not be allowed to service in the military. In an attempt to cater to his stupid base and to his stupid Tea Party assholes in Congress, the Fiend in Chief attempted to turn back time by tweeting a discriminatory policy so backwards that even a one celled Senator like Joni Ernst (Cackler-Ia) went huh what? This cruel desperate attempt to get funding for his fucking border wall had turned this Maniac in Chief into more than a Dickens villain, he is a danger to this country and its people.

While the Draft Dodger in Chief was avoiding STD's (I'm beginning to think unsuccessfully since untreated syphilis seems to be eating his sick mind) transgender soldiers have been defending this pig's right to be the pig he is. The transgender soldier has every bit as much right to serve their country as anyone else, something the Trump family has no idea about.

So I long for 1973. Maybe the one time when the "Good Old Days" weren't so bad after all.

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