Monday, July 24, 2017

Paul McCartney!

Paul McCartney hit the stage about 20 minutes late which is a hell of an improvement from the other two times Ive seen him. The show is basically the same but who gives a damn. The guy is THE legend. He's a Beatle for chrissakes and that is all that matters. To see Paul McCartney is to see history. The man, fairly or not, started it all. See him while you can cuz lets face it, people are leaving us everyday and it sucks. I missed Chris Cornell 3 days before the demons got him and I'll never get that chance back.

Paul hit the stage and that famous note from the beginning of Hard Days Night rang out and it was on. Almost 3 hours of hits, near hits, new songs, speed bumps, Wings stuff, Beatles stuff, Quarrymen stuff, a short rendition of Foxy Lady, exploding fireworks during Live and Let Die, acoustic versions of Blackbird, And I Love Her, Yesterday, oh my god it was wonderful, again.

Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan are the only two individuals I will see every single time I get a chance. McCartney satisfies my longing for my youth because he plays songs I know from the time I was 7 until now. He plays them the same way each time and sometimes thats what I want. Dylan is just Dylan. He may honky tonk his way through Tangled Up In Blue and thats fine with me cuz he's Dylan and he's earned that right. But Paul is Paul. A pleasant man with a longing to please. His voice is 75 years old and it shows on rare occasions. It cracks every now and then and it does not matter because he is who he is. Oh yes you can argue if you wish that it aint the same as 1964 or 1968 or 1972 or 1976 and its old and tired. Yeah if you are old and tired. I dont care if its not 1973 any longer and Band on the Run is being played for the millionth time, I still feel like a kid again. I dont care if its not 1967 any longer and Paul attempts a rendition of Being for the Benefit of Mister Kite that doesnt even make sense. It here and now and its Paul McCartney and I will like being alive and seeing and hearing it.

As stated before, I have seen him 3 times now. Being from flyover country we dont get to see him that often. So when we get a chance, its a must.
Max's Mom had never seen him before. She loved every second of it and knowing someone else is experiencing what I experienced the first time I was in the presence of greatness is mind boggling good. I mean when I saw Paul do A Day In The Life in Kansas City a few years back I honestly felt this right here is THE best moment of my musical life. I was almost in tears. Knowing John was gone but Paul was still here was just about too much. Im sure Max's Mom had that same feeling at some point.

Highlights for me

1) The last 10 minutes when Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight and The End are playing. Thats the pinnacle. Period
2) Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five..yes you have to put up with that snoozer Valentine but its worth it. Its my favorite Wings song
3) Being for The Benefit of Mister Kite...yeah it was weird and awkward but dammit he took that chance and it worked in my head
4) The piano songs......Maybe Im Amazed, The Fool on the Hill, Lady Madonna, Let it Be, Live and Let Die and Hey Jude
5) Love Me Do...I never ever listen to that song, but when its live I love it
6) Band on the Run...McCartneys ultimate voice challenge and he did it well
7) the entire rest of it....


NONE cuz he's Paul McCartney

The End

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