Sunday, July 9, 2017

The G19!

Well there we are, America. All alone, ignored by the world, isolated, no friends, other bullies licking their chops at the opportunity, and all because of that lonely loser "elected" last by a substantial minority of greedheads, hillbillies, racists, and dopes.

Donald F Trump took the United States on a lonely path of obsolescence this last week when attended the G19 G20 conference over there in Socialism Land and made a mockery of the all of us. Who has to apologize to anyone not from here for the "election" of this trashy buffoon? Who face palms on a daily basis at this circus clown's antics, his big mouth or his toilet inspired tweets?

Trump began his week in Poland in front of a crowd of so called dignitaries and a group of hired, or rather coerced, group of non English speaking charlatans who chanted "Don-alt Trump" whenever directed to by a Polish thumb breaker. Trump spoke eloquently on how being crushed in two directions by Russians and Nazis must have been "tough". Wonder if he got permission from his Russian and Nazi "advisors"? It was during this scripted by Stephen Miller (Goose Stepper-NC) that the Whitey in Chief uttered the 14 words that give Trumpers a gigantic stiffy. "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." Well he didnt really say that verbatim , Miller and Bannon arent that dumb, but thats what Trumpers all over the world heard. Bark Bark whistle whistle! Trump then got lost on a stage. Somebody get the nurse, Gramps is wandering again..

Trump then took America on a journey To Hamburg, where he was forced to meet the actual POTUS45, one Vladimir Putin. Attended by only 6 people, this meet and greet featured Russian puppet Trump, Greedy Sell Out Russian opportunist Rex Tillerson, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, a couple of translators and of course President Vlad. Trump allegedly asked Putin about Russian hacking of the election, with permission I assume, and of course Putin denied it and there my friends is all our beloved Puppet In Chief needed. It didnt happen or rather hey I dont know, it could have been a 400 lb guy on a bed somewhere. What else happend in that 2 1/2 hours is beyond me as US officials left outside attempted to break up the "meeting" and even sent Melania in to try and stop Trump from handing over the nuclear codes.

The implications of this are truly frightening. Trump trusts a Russian dictator over his own intelligence agencies, Or rather it is in his own selfish interests to "trust" the country that made sure he "won" the election. Wow what will we find out in the coming months that will shock us to our shoes, except of course the Trumpers who openly would collude with the enemy to make themselves feel powerful for once in their miserable lives. What else was "discussed" in that meeting?

Yet the moment that should truly disturb any true patriot would be the moment Putin, one who doesnt yell Fake News all the time when he hears something he doesnt like but instead is so lucky that the offending journalists end up dead, points at the press ans asks if these are the ones who insult you to which our Stooge In Chief said yes. Open the floodgates folks. Here come more death threats from the Trumpers to CNN or MSNBC or sick little children. I've always believed America had a substantial number of authoritarians, people mostly on the right, who cheer police brutality and riot police beating protesters and dead journalists, but I never knew it was so many. The coming to power of this tool of Russia has allowed these slithering creeps to crawl out from the darkness. When will anyone do something?

Trump, after getting his marching orders and pee tape threats from his handler, moved on to other things. Like being ignored. These G19 G20 leaders want nothing to do with this servant of Putin. Trump is so irrelevant that when he got tired (no stamina) and let his daughter, shoe saleswoman Ivanka, sit in for him, nobody gave a shit. Except some of us back here who are appalled this family of frauds are allowed to do anything. Can you imagine if Chelsea Clinton has been allowed such "power"? I mean she at least has a degree in International Relations as opposed to a degree in selling shoes and clothes bound for the Goodwill. Ivanka Trump sitting there with the same stupid look her father champions was just the ultimate embarrassment for this nation.

When Trump and his crime family left Europe the G19 all sighed in relief that the Patsy in Chief was gone. Now to get down to real business. Intelligent, detailed and nefarious discussions on how to divide the world's wealth among themselves rather than some bloated clown in a red hat pushed around by his Nazi advisers . Europe had enough of that shit 75 years ago. You could sense the relief of Angela Merkel as she realized the weight of the past being lifted off her shoulders as the American wannabe tyrant waddles away.

We must do something to rid ourselves of this incompetent fool, America. Unfortunately its up to a crowd of collaborators called the GOP Congress that has the power. Journalists, buckle up and get this done, fake news or not. As Press Hillbilly Spokeswoman Sarah Huckleberry says, ya'll gotta fight fire with fire, y'all.

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