Sunday, July 23, 2017

Too Spicey!

1) Sean Spicer is out. I mean out. He aint dead, he just finally had enough proving even a lapdog like Spicer has his limits. The appointment of an anti-Trump hedge fund creep to run the White House communications department because the moron in chief likes him on TV sent Spicer into a tizzy. Out he goes, apparently with a mini-fridge used by low level staffers without meal privileges under his arm. So stop with the praise for this liar finally standing up. The weasel lied for 6 months, got skewered by Melissa McCarthy, lied some more, and lied some more before the hillbilly Sarah Huckleberry took over for good. Spicer isnt a stand up guy, he's a thin skinned little man just like his boss. So fuck Sean Spicer. Good riddance.

2) Trump apologists are a funny lot. Not haha funny, none of them could ad lib a fart as Groucho used to say, but funny as in self delusion. The time line of this whole Russia meeting involving Junior and a bunch of collaborators like Jared and Manafort is fascinating. To Trumpers it goes a little like this.

a) there was no meeting with Russians
b) yeah there was a meeting with Russians but it was about adoption and the Traitor in Chief was in Florida
c) there were only 4 people at this meeting
d) no 5
e) no 6
f) no 7
g) no 8
h) Why didnt the Secret Service stop the Russians implying the Bitch in Chief was there in the building
i) yeah there was a meeting with Russians and Junior said via email he loved it cuz of the potential Hillary dirt
j) yeah so what if there was a meeting with Russians
k) ok so we met about dirt on the opposition, everybody does it
l) big deal, collusion isnt illegal anyway
k) it was Obama's fault
l) alls fair in love and treason

Yeah, a real "funny" lot

3) This whole health care deal is a fucking disgrace. The Republicans in the Senate are so content on winning they dont give a rats ass about throwing 32 million of their fellow citizens into the streets of poverty regarding health care. Dont forget they made goddamned sure they exempted themselves from this debacle. These immoral miscreants are so beholden to their donors and getting them more tax breaks that they have lost complete perspective on life. Oh I know none of them care because they know with every fiber of their devilish being that the red state Republicans who live in the dying towns and long for the 1950s will vote for them anyway no matter what they do to them. Take away my health care and give tax breaks to your donors? At least you are not a Demoncrat. Take away Medicaid so granny gets booted from the nursing home or the nursing home shuts down? Well at least you aint one of the libtards. This is rural madness. As usual. We have one of those here running in 2018. Her name is Deb Fischer and she is a as worthless as using logic on Trump. In other words, a shoo in.

4) The police shooting in Minneapolis of an Australian woman who had actually called 911 is another example of inept people being given a gun and told to enforce the law. Many in white America make judgement solely on the color of the cop and the color of the shootee. Philando Castile was shot because he reached for his ID and was a licensed gun owner. NO it was cuz he was black. Eric Garner was choked to death for selling smokes. Terence Crutcher was shot and killed by an Oklahoma police firing squad. The list is endless of cop shootings of unarmed black men and women and the subsequent acquittals of white cops. There is hope, however, since two cops who shot and killed a 6 year old boy in Louisiana were convicted of manslaughter. Oh wait. What was the difference there? The cops were black and the kid was white. Very different. I wonder what will happen to the black cop in Minneapolis who shot the white Australian woman? We shall see.

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