Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The reaction to this waste of air who shot down, stabbed and ran down defenseless innocent people last weekend has run the gamut. Of course there's outrage as there should be. There's fascination by a complicit media to show this asshat's performance video so many times I'd have already said "NEXT" hundreds of times if this dickstick had been auditioning for the bad guy is a shitty movie.

But the reactions to #YesAllWomen, Ann Hornaday, and anybody else who deep down doesn't much care for the the uppity chicks is just baffling.

#YesAllWomen told a story. A story that most of us don't want to believe. That there are millions and millions of women out there who have been assaulted, raped, groped, stalked and creeped out by a lot of guys over the years. Lots of them don't say anything. They did over the weekend and some of the reactions showed why they don't say anything. #ThingsGirlsSayDuringSex anyone? Geniuses made that one I'm sure.

Ann Hornaday is a film critic for the Washington Post. That's a newspaper. You know one of those things your grandpa has sitting in his driveway? Oh never mind, it's like a twitter they put on paper and use more than 140 characters. Anway, Ann Hornaday wondered aloud if frat boy movies where fat guys "get chicks" and endless numbers of teenage males actually think that's true (along with the fantasy that all lesbians look like Kate Upton, hoo boy) may have been in the head of that privileged prick murderer. Goddamn, that set off Seth Rogan and Judd Apatow, who make a living making movies for the 14 year old mindset. Rogan went so far to interpret a perfectly legitimate question to hey, how dare you blame ME for some whackjob killing people? Chill out Seth. I've never really been able to figure you out. I've never really convinced myself if you are funny or not. Guess that's solved now. Lay off the dope and learn how to read. You too, Judd.

Hornaday had to take to video to "explain" what a rational thinker already knew. She was simply putting it out there. She wasn't blaming a schlub like Rogan, or a money machine like Apatow. It was a question. I'm sure Rogan's 2 million (really?) followers were all very nice to her also. Proving her point by being a asshole. Thanks dummies.

Hey look, this creep in his car. I'm not mentioning his name. This guy was a mentally ill time bomb. He went off. And he had guns. A killer combination.

Nothing will be done. Guys with guns will continue to flaunt their lack of compassion. Guys with guns are probably making You Tube videos now telling the rest of us who they plan to kill. Oh well.

Welcome to the greatest country ever.

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