Friday, May 23, 2014

Fire In The Hole!

Pro-Life Tennessee Governor Bill "The Union Slayer" Haslam has the answer to all those namby pamby pussies who get all queasy when a condemned prisoner takes 43 minutes to die from drugs that make it too fucking easy. Bring back that awesome electric chair that sets people on fire and that really clever folks call "Ol' Sparky".

Pharmaceutical companies don't want to give Tennessee those cool drugs that whack bad guys? Fine, Big Pharma. No politician ever got a vote by ranting about lethal injection. Now electric chairs, that is a vote getter. Now it's not as vote gettin good as feeding the bad guys to the lions like some Grapes of Wrath dimit ironically named "Christian" proposed down in Okie Land but its got fire, fire, fire.

Way to go, Governor Bill. Backwards backwards backwards. That's the Republican way. Perhaps you can also arm the Tennessee National Guard with catapults and perhaps allow state funding of some good old fashioned health care for the poor as long as it involves bleedings and lobotomies.

And enjoy all those lawsuits your state will recklessly spend tax money on cuz it's the right thing to do. Funny how Republicans portray themselves as the fiscally responsible adults in the game, yet spend endless amounts of tax money attempting to deny the gays and the Mexicans their rights. Spend endless amounts of tax money to deny minorities and the elderly their right to vote. Spend endless amounts of tax money to fund needless wars and needless weapons systems. And now, spend that tax money on their right to set bad guys on fire, fire fire.

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