Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Don't Tug On Superman's Cape!

By now you've heard of this Boko Haram band of shitheads running around Nigeria kidnapping all the young girls so they can practice their "religion" and feed their pedophilia. Boko Haram, which I believe translates to Nigerian Tea Party, is intent on destroying "Western Education", you know, kind of like Lindsey Graham. So, Boko Haram kills hundreds of male students and kidnaps the females and Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan sits around doing nothing but auditioning for a Run DMC tribute band.

Ok, Goodluck. You don't want to do anything? Well then, the baddest man on the planet when it comes to killing terrorists, pirates and an occasional wedding party will. Our own Barack Hussein Obama is coming to kick some major Boko Haram ass. And oh yeah, hopefully rescue these young girls from the Nigerian Warren Jeffs.

What's it gonna be? Seal Team 6? The FBI? Those militia turds in Nevada?

Well that will just be a surprise I guess.

Meanwhile Fox News is gearing up the "how come Nobama will send the military to rescue a bunch of inner city Nigerians but wouldn't lift a finger at BENNNNGHAZIIIIII???" BENGHAZIIIIIIIIIII! Cue Dana Perino's O face.

Anyway, Goodluck Barry gonna show em how it's done again. And Goodluck Jonathan? Good luck on that Aerosmith cover.

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