Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hey Mark Cuban, Why Are You Walking Down The Street Anyway?

Way to go, Mark Cuban, saying you'd cross the street if you saw a bunch of Trayvons walking towards you. Nope, the correct answer is you'd pull out your Glock and waste those motherfuckahs. Actually the correct answer is, hey Mark Cuban, what the fuck are you doing walking down the street anyway? Aint you a billionaire?

Yeah the age old debate. Are ya scared of the black youths? Would you walk across the street if ya saw the hoodied blcak youths walking at you? Actually in my case the answer is no and you can ask Max's Mom and Max about that walking tour of the south side of Chicago we took once because one inch on a map is a lot farther than it looks. And I'm too lazy. And I look homeless half the time anyway. And people are more inclined to cross the street when they see me coming, including black youths in hoodies.

But to regress, black youths in hoodies. Scary? Not really. White kids in hoodies scary? Not really. White youths in luxury cars scary? Goddamned right!

But really now. Mark Cuban was being honest on how a helluva lot of people feel. Prejudice is a result of what you "learn" as a youth. Or from watching Fox News or listening to a screeching Alaskan.

Now in the spirit of being honest like Mark. I will admit, if I saw a couple of certain black men walking towards me on the street, I would cross the street. Not because they might hurt me, but because I wouldn't want to listen to their buillshit. On the other hand one of them might hurt me.

Alan West and Doctor Ben Carson coming at you on the street, spitting on the homeless and spouting off nonsense that even Ted Cruz (Illegal-Canada) must go Huh? Yep, I walk to the other side. Cuz I'm a progressive racist who wants to keep the blacks on the Democrat plantation. And because both of them are batshit nuts.

Alan West was a teabagger Congressman elected in that temper tantrum of 2010 thrown by old white people who liked the idea of a black man who would collaborate in the destruction of a black President. West is crazy. Period. Booted from the Army for torturing an Iraqi policeman, going all Joe McCarthy and claiming there were 80 commies in Congress, saying the kidnapping of young Nigerian girls is an Obama "wag the dog" moment, and urging military generals to not follow the commander in chiefs orders.

But now, since the voters of Florida's 18th District sent him packing after one term of embarrassing them, or at least 50.4% of them, Alan West is doubling down. Becoming even more of a delusional asshole. He has questioned the loyalties of Tammy Duckworth (Tough-Il), sitting congresswoman from Illinois. Sitting because she had her legs blown off in Iraq when an RPG knocked her chopper out of the sky. Questioning her loyalty? Really?

So while Alan West was in Iraq beating hoodied Iraqi policemen and firing guns next to their head to get information he already had, Tammy Duckworth was co-piloting a BlackHawk helicopter in Iraq because that's the only assignment women were allowed to serve in combat in and got blown out of the sky, losing both legs and use of one arm. Loyalties? I think it's clear that Tammy Duckworth has real loyalties to America and Alan West has loyalties only to the first amendment which allows anybody to be a complete dickstick.

Doctor Ben Carson. He's a brain surgeon. So he's really smart. So to criticize him is all liberally racist. But being a liberal racist I can do that.

Ben Carson is Alan West who is Herman Cain who is Larry Elder. These are black folks who realized how much fuckin money they can make writing books hammering their own, calling their people lazy and shiftless, and making white people go seeeeeeee, when I say that I get called racist, but seeeeeee, those negro guys say it to so I'm not a racist you are!

Ben Carson, oh sorry, Doctor Ben Carson is a spouting fountain of misinformation. Whether he does this on purpose to sell books and get handjobs from Rush and Hannity I have no idea but nonetheless, Ben Carson says some pretyy whacko things.

Like the time the good doctor compared the gays to the bestiality people. Same thing. If ya let the gays marry then ya gotta let the animal molesters marry. Brilliant man, Doc!

Doc Carson also said that insuring the poor and those unable to buy health insurance was the worst thing to happen to America since slavery. Worse than Emmett Till, or Jim Crow, or MLK's murder, or Malcolm X's murder, or the Tuskegee Experiment? Really Doc?

But the latest from Doc Carson was his appearance on The View to vilify those damned welfare recipients. Egged on by meatheaded "actor" Terry Crews, Doc C told the View-ers how giving poor people food stamps and welfare robs them of any incentive to go get one of those minimum wage jobs that Carson and his ilk think should pay $0 an hour. Damned lazy poors. They just aren't all driven like he was when he was on the welfare and the food stamps??? Huh? Doctor Ben Carson was on the government dole just like those lazy ass deadbeats we have now? Yeah but wait, Doc Ben felt really bad about it. As he shoved a crab leg into his mouth he cried and cried and exclaimed "Oh nooooo, this free crab leg is making me want to register Republican"

Yep, Doc Ben Carson used to operate on people's brains. Too bad he didn't practice on his own and install a conscience.

So I admit again, Alan West and Doctor Ben Carson walking down the street (that's laughable), I do cross the street. Right, Mark Cuban?

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