Friday, February 7, 2014

Oklahomo Part 2!

Damn, I hate to keep picking on Oklahoma, only because I want to start picking on those tractor jockeys in Kansas again, but for chrissakes Oklahoma, what in the holy name of Barry Switzer is fucking wrong with you?

By now you've heard of the old biddy from Oklahoma who wanted to execute President NBomba for being an enemy combatant or some other stupid old biddy reason. Just watch the tape above, that old crow starts drawling out here outrage over President Kuhhhhhn about 22 seconds into it while Oklahoma doughboy congresstrash Jim Bridenstine (JacksOffToReagan-Ok)stood there with a stupid grin on his mug. Now judging from the recording of this meeting of the Tulsa branch of Mensa, the rest of these geriatric lamebrains apparently agree with the moldy old wench as some laugh, some chuckle and some pop boners without help.

Bridenstine has taken the chickenshit's way out by claiming he can't control what wrinkly old coffin dodgers say. But really, Bridenstine, helping make the noose doesn't help you.

More Oklahoma news. Gary James, owner of some cockroach palace in Enid called Gary's Chicaros (sounds kinda Mexican to me, amigo)has been running his place of bidness in a kind of discriminatory manner for years. Ya see, Gary doesnt much care for the freaks and the faggots. He doesn't much care for the N bombs or the Asians or the welfare people or the wheelchair folks either. Well Gary, here comes the fucking internet to make your life miserable. Good luck you fucking Okie bigot.

Somewhere in Oklahoma is a Democrat who actually was elected to their version of the House of Spitting Possums who is actually attempting something other than outlawing all marriage , outlawing evolution or keeping that asshole Richard Dawkins out of the state, by writing a bill to legalize marijuana in the state. Constance Johnson, an Oklahoma Demoncrat, or maybe the ONLY Oklahoma Demoncrat, proposed this bill to get Oklahoma in on the ground floor of progress for once instead of on the rails to Stupidville as usual. But some Republican Senator with a subcommittee of some sort has said no way hippie slut! Senator Don Barrington won't even hear of it. No hearing, no nothing because goddammit, his church would not approve. Dude, chill out. Your church doesn't give a shit, especially if maybe you can funnel some of that marijuana tax money their way.

I can't take much more, Oklahoma. State Representative Sally Kern is proposing a bill to make it illegal for those Marxist liberal school administrators to throw a kid outta school for biting a Pop Tart into the shape of a handgun. How Florida of you, Sally. And that is not even the dumbest thing Sally Kern has proposed. Long Tall Sally has said the homos are a bigger threat to 'Merica than terrorists, blamed the queers for the bad economy,and claimed the blacks are all lazy and shit cuz she taught school and all they did was look at her like she was a Kardashian or something.

Oklahoma, please STOP. You are embarrassing yourselves. God hates you anyway, remember? I'm warning you. If you don't stop your human big bags of wind, God's gonna send real bags of wind at ya this spring. Boomer Sooner baby!

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