Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Father Who Aren't In Heaven, Howard Be Thy Name!

Turns out Forrest Gump was not all that special in Alabama. It seems the Alabama House of Representatives (why is it ALWAYS the House bumpkins no matter what state) or at least one of them there committees, lets see, the House Educatin Policy One, passed a bill that would require teachers to spend 15 minutes every mornin readin the prayer invoked at the US House or Reps or the US Senate. Ya see, it aint religion, its gubmint teachin!

Ok, very clever! Representative Steven Hurst (R-Greenbow Alabamaaaaa) thought this bill up all by himself cuz he's so shifty and smarter than those liberal atheists that permeate Alabama state gubmint. It passed out of committee by a 2 for it and 3 agin it which to chairwoman Mary Sue (of course)McClurkin (Gumplican-Indian Springs)is mathematically sound. Now to be fair now, cuz that's what I'm all about, she passed it out of committee by voice vote so maybe she's just deaf instead of stupid but nonetheless, Alabama House members will get to soon vote to force teachers to read prayers said in front of a House or Senate full of corrupt weasels to a bunch of impressionable lil Alabamans. Yeah, if that aint proof that praying is a complete waste of your fucking time I don't know what is. Praying to guide a snide fuck like Ted Cruz (Nixon-Canada) or a hissing cockroach like Steve King (Dunce-Ia) is as futile an act as can be imagined. Almost as futile as trying to convince your average Alabaman that Roll Tide isn't in the Ten Commandments.

Now the commies in the ACLU are already chuckling at the potential half assed effort they'd have to put forth to get that law thrown out if the nitwits of the Alabama legislature pass it. But ya know, it is a bill put forth by Alabama Republicans convinced their sly ways are undetectable to your average Bolshevik so who knows.

Personally I hope the bill passes. The more of these teabagger bills that pass, whether it be keeping the gays out of your Cracker Barrel or giving the guns back to blind mental patients, the closer the day comes when the Republican Party implodes.

But this Force Kids To Listen To Teach Drone On for 15 Minutes Bill is the one I really favor. It's for the kids. I care about the children. It's about time somebody thought about the children like I do.

Hey kids, just think. 15 minutes more of sleep every freakin day!

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