Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ach Du Lieber!

Hey you can't force somebody to better their lives. Tennessee auto workers at a Volkswagen plant made that clear last week, or at least 712 of 1338 workers did. Threatened by Republican politicians, especially lying sacks of shit like Senator Bob Corker (Shitheel-Tn), the workers at the plant rejected an affiliation with the United Auto Workers, even though VW is considered friendly to unions and actually encouraged a yes vote. Nice going. Even though VW isn't gonna make you idiots work for 3 cents a day and chain your kids to the assembly line, companies in Tennessee not so union friendly are buying chains in bulk.

I really don't understand the hostility to unions. Yeah I know that Republican lackeys have been promoting the fat lazy union worker as non productive for the last 40 years. It's worked. Since that union belonging saint of the right, Ronald Reagan (Tripled the Deficit-USA) busted the Air Traffic Controllers Union it's been downhill for working folks. The gap between rich and poor has gotten so large there is no middle class any longer,. The wealthy and their bought and paid for storm troopers like Bob Corker (Bloodhound Molester-Tn) have everyone so scared that we look downward to blame instead of where we should be looking. Up.

Republicans hate unions. Always have. They cut into their ill gotten gains by demanding shit like living wages. Bahhhh. Living wages. You all should be lucky we even created a low paying, benefit lacking job for you in the first place. If you don't like it, go get unemployment insurance. Oh sorry, no more of that for you lazy bastards.

Oh there was one union the Republicans loved. In fact they spanked their monkeys to it when they weren't banging male pages. The Republicans just fucking loved Solidarity , the trade union that gave the Rooskies hell back in the 80's. It seems, if you remember, that Polish shipyard workers were getting fucked over by the commies, known here as Republicans. Lech Walesa, a genuine hero, led a strike at the Lenin Shipyard, known here as the Reagan Shipyard. Well to keep the story from getting even more uncomfortable for hypocrites like Corker and his gang of Humbugs, Walesa won the Nobel Peace Prize, known here as the Obama Pussy Award. The Polish Government went down taking the Soviets with them and Walesa became President of Poland, just like that other Union member, Ronald Reagan (Raised Taxes 11 Times in 8 Years-USA).

The United Auto Workers have appealed their loss in Tennessee. The Republican liars are apoplectic. The Volkswagen officials are strangely silent. Almost like the socialist Germans would prefer a union to deal with instead of dumbfuck Southern Governors like Bill Haslam (Child Starver-Tn). In Germany they have things called "work councils". These work councils deal with the company by using employees who have their interests AND VW's interests at heart.

Whoa there, Hans! Americans don't go for that commie crap. We like being treated like shit cuz ya know, we will become rich some day and the we too can treat people like the leeches they are.

It's the American Dream, baby.

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