Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wall Street Urinal!

All I really know about the Wall Street Journal is it is owned by that Dingo eater who owns Fox News, is completely indecipherable, and my Dad used to read it because he had to. My Dad, the stockbroker, would bring it home cursing its existence and give it to me for that one story in the box on the front page that may have some sort of interest to me. At the point I took it from his hands he would inevitably exclaim "if I didn't have to get it, I'd cancel it yesterday". As you may be able to tell, my Dad, perhaps the only Democratic liberal stock broker, hated the Wall Street Journal even before that Kangaroo molester bought it.

The Wall Street Journal has some of the dumbest people on the planet writing screeds for it. James Taranto pounded out a column on Monday that could have written by a drunken chimp. In it, Taranto basically states that women who get drunk and therefore, get raped , have it comin'. After all, the drunken slut should be back at the sorority house making flowers for the homecoming float and waiting for Mister Perfect to sweep her off her feet. She leaves for a party and imbibes of the fire water, well then it's open season for the men of Phi Kappa Dildo to play rapey rapey. Taranto has never really been fond of the Gyno-Americans anyway, probably because they've been rejecting his filthy self for years. Taranto infamously tweeted after that gun enthusiast, Joker Holmes, introduced a shitload of people to the beauty of the Second Amendment back in July of 2012, "I hope the girls whose boyfriends died to save them were worthy of the sacrifice". One wonders if Taranto is just setting up his defense when he finally gets his shot at a drunk Peggy Noonan.

Today, some uppity up named Robert Strayton, argues that the Kenyan Socialist Marxist Muslim Pretender's call for a raise to the minimum wage is just plain communism. Communism I say. Why, we oughta lower the minimum wage to $5 an hour so the job creators will become all free markety and make more and more jobs and everybody can live in squalor and tap dance for Strayton and his house full of grubstakers for scraps of Matsutake mushrooms. Strayton uses that rich guy math to panic all Wall Street Journal readers who wouldn't be caught dead at a McDonalds by saying with a higher minimum wage of $10.10 that the McDonalds dollar menu would suddenly jump from $1 to $3. Yep, no doubt. A 40% increase in wages most certainly leads to a 200% increase in prices. That's basic American supply side trickle down math. Fucked up.

Tom Perkins, the former spouse of the much more famous but no less loathsome romance novelist Danielle Steele, went straight to the Journal to complain that the 99%, instead of bowing and kissing the feet of the former Mr.Steele, are just like the Nazis who demonized the Jews back in 1938, the year Zombie Obama was occupying Hitler's body. Calling it a "Progressive Kristallnacht", Perkins whined that he "would call attention to the parallels of fascist Nazi Germany to its war on its "one percent," namely its Jews, to the progressive war on the American one percent, namely the "rich." Oh I see. Tom lives in San Francisco. presumably in the attic of a sympathizer hiding him from the Nazi Obama people who roam the streets smashing the Google glasses and Rolexes of that oppressed minority of put upons.

Tom, please. This is nothing like Nazi Germany. But keep acting like that and it will be like something else you probably fear. Na zda-rĂ³-vye!

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