Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Please stop! My sides hurt from laughing. These judges are killing me. Utah and Oklahoma's gay marriage laws are unconstitutional. What next? Nebraska? Gawd I hope so.

It's been a bad year for the Gawd fearing Oklahomans who praise Jesus when their house gets destroyed by a twister and they stay alive even though their next door neighbor got a steel pipe through his head.

Their genius constitutional amendment outlawing Sharia law was thrown out by a federal judge who couldn't stop laughing after reading it.

Satanists want to put up a 7 foot statue of old Beezelbub himself on the state capitol grounds because there's already a big stone copy of the Ten Commandments there and hey what the hell, equal time for all mythical figures and nonsensical suggestions.

And now, the gays will be coming to a trailer park near you looking for somebody to force marry.

Oklahoma, you better be ready for the Lord's wrath again this spring. I heard he's really pissed and is going to send all sorts of tornadoes because of all this federal judging keeping you from establishing your own little Jesus dictatorship. Hit the basements now, Oklahoma. Like you do every year.

Shhhhhhhh. I just spoke to God. He told me to talk to Mother Nature about the wind sweepin down the plain.

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