Monday, January 27, 2014

Roe Roe Roe Your Boat!

Yep it's that time of year again when a bunch of middle aged men, some old ladies , a few brainwashed young folks and lying politicians all get together to gnash their teeth about a 41 year old law that gave women the right to do whatever the fuck they wanted with their own bodies. Every year we see this nonsense when people, who all have that Gerber baby pounded into their head, walk around your hometown and think they know what's best for chicks and your slutty, libido crazed bodies.

Down in Lincoln over the weekend, 4000 people (which in reality means about a thousand) all gathered at the State Capitol to listen to their heroes, every lying sack of shit Republican officeholder or wannabe office holder screech about how they will end abortion. They've been telling these same rubes this for 41 years now and the rubes keep showing up. Now the pro-life business is lucrative for a few people who get paid to pretend to care about the Gerber baby so I understand their interest. But these dopes like a group of Catholic high school boys standing around without shirts in 30 degree weather I will never understand. I'd like to think that Catholic high school boys really care about babies but being a former Catholic high school boy myself, I know the only thing these hormone cases really care about is the process of making the damn baby. If these pro lifer boys ever got the chance to go through that process and hit the jackpot and a baby was created in God's image, how long would it be before Mary Theresa had to go get that D&C that Catholic girls often get. Abortion, my ass. It's a ectopic pregnancy!!!

The politicians all got up in their Husker gear and yammered on about ending abortion and how goddamned great these saps were while at the same time refusing to accept federal funding of Medicaid because ya know all those lazy ass poor people breeding like rats and sucking up the tax money that should go to the rich. In fact one of the wannabees, the subject of a previous post, Senate pretty boy candidate Dougie Sasse, strapped his two year old onto his carpetbagger body and flat out lied about the evil Obama forcing all you womens to get abortions through Obamacare. Booooooooo the suckers all yelled.

The the marchers waddled up the way to listen to some Texas nitwit tell them what a trampy bleach blonde bitch that Wendy Davis is. More booing occurred.

Yes there were some counter demonstrators demanding the Republican gubmint stay out of their uterus but they were dismissed as sluts and harlots and besides, according to numerous comment losers on the newspaper websites, they were all ugly anyway which invalidates their opinions on just about anything.

Sometime when it gets warmer here in Omaha, a bunch of the old men, old ladies, young brainwashed kids, and the paid pro-life scammers will form a chain up and down the main drag to show how pro-lifey they are. The crowds diminish every year as the old people croak and the young ones wise up after the D&C they got in college saved their bacon.

Here in Nebraska there is a movement to change the state slogan from "The Good Life" to something else. Now keep in mind here in "The Good Life" we have no gambling, no gay marriage, no medicinal marijuana, and if the bumpkins have their way, no abortion. Yep, from now on the state slogan should be "No Fun Of Any Kind".

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