Monday, January 13, 2014

Forget About It!

Oh godammit, now look what this mook went and did. Not only did he waste money getting his balloon stomach stapled, now he had to go and implode. What da fuck, Chris?

Chris Christie, the loudmouth Republican Governor who even some dumbass Democrats tell me they like, is embroiled in some political nonsense so utterly petty, it is going to end up wrecking my whole 2015 and 2016 fun. What the hell! I was looking forward to seeing him blow his stack at the idiocy standing onstage with him at the Republican Presidential Debates and then turning and screeching at the tri corn hatted neanderthals who wandered inside and applaud starvation, slavery, executions and act all Pol Pot when it comes to those they don't care for. You know, the riff raff out there stealing their tax money and not working while they are all self sufficient on their Social Security and Medicare. Christie may be a goon, a hothead, a screaming out of control thin skinned yeller, but he isn't Teabag Nation. And that, my friends, is why I'm so upset at the self demolition of The Christie Casino.

Christie, such a sarcastic shit heel (and trust me I love sarcastic shit heels cuz well you know)cannot stop himself. He is who he is. A vengeful citizen of New Jersey who doesn't take kindly to being denied what he wants. Hey, if da mayor of Fort Lee doesn't wanna play ball, well then, a little traffic accident may befall his wonderful town. After 4 days of that, anybody will come around, dontcha think? And if not, aw fuck, they found out?? Quick, fire the Irish broad and that rat bastard campaign idiot who kept his e mails.

Christie has gone into full Schultz mode. He knows nuthin ,he sees nuthin, he heard nuthin. Shit he didn't even know he was taking Hurricane Sandy money and making ads with his family to get people to come to his state. He doesn't know nuthin. He doesn't know where the last piece of cake went. He doesn't know where that last piece of pizza went. He doesn't know anything. He's perfect for the 2015-2016 Republican debates and now, for fucks sake, he's gone and blown it.

Now we're gonna have to listen to the incoherent blatherings of a bunch of dimwitted morons like Santorum (don't google him), Oops Perry, Cuba Si Castro No Rubio, Dudley Do Right Cruz and that jug eared fuckstick Paul Ryan.

Thanks a lot Chris Christie. Not only did your bullying tactics blow up in your fat face, you had to go all Nixon and proclaim "I Am Not A Crook, errrr, Bully!"

There ya go, TeaBag Nation, your RINO has been slain. Now you can get back to worrying that maybe Santorum once gave a guy directions, Perry said "Ola" to an immigrant, Rubio put a buck into a red kettle, Cruz once took advantage of Commie Canadian health care or Ryan is a secret socialist thanks to his Rage Against the Machine listening.

Thanks again, Chris Christie. Even though you no chance of convincing those pinheads who vote in your parties primaries and show up to your caucuses in their Buicks to vote for you, you would have entertained me throwing a gasket at some knucklehead heckling you from the scooter section.

And oh yeah, as long as you're apologizing for everything, could you throw in a big one for your state spawning the likes of Antonin Big Tony Scalia and the shrew Michelle Malkin?

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