Wednesday, January 29, 2014

State Of The Wingnut!!!

I confess right up front. I did not see or hear one millisecond of the State of the Union address by HypnObama last evening. I was at a basketball game watching a bunch of underachievers and high basketball IQ types from Creighton University take on a bunch of athletic gentlemen from St.John's University. The underachievers and high IQ types won in the last second much to the delight of all the underachievers in the crowd.

Anyway, who needs to see that waste of time anyway when the only thing worth watching is the wingnuts react in that so wingnutty way to the fact that we enter 6th year of rule by that athletic president of ours who keeps beating those underachievers and high politics IQ types the Republicans keep nominating. You know, John Gramps McCain and his wacky shooting guard Sarah Had One Of The Fab Five Palin and then Mittens Von Romney and his jug eared pointy headed guard Paul The Bro Ryan. Slam Dunk in Yo Face muthafuckas!

Wingnut reaction. Well, Congressnitwit Tim Huelskamp (Whats the Matter With-Ks) decided that pissing off a Rhodes Scholar lesbian like Rachel Maddow was good strategy. Oh poor Tim. You don't even know what hit you. Tim, Benghazi,Benghazi Benghazi is no way to go thru life, son. And calling a brainiac lezbo a "cheerleader" is really dumb. But considering Huelskamp represents a portion of Kansas where no Democrat even attempts to take on this dimbulb, it probably means Huelskamp will get his props from the yahoos for putting the wood to the commie, mannish dyke.

Senator , sorry just a second, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ok, Mike Lee of Utah gave the Teabagger response to the Obama hypno session. He called Obamacare an "inequality Godzilla". I assume he has stake in that new Godzilla movie coming out and was simply plugging it because if he wasn't. Well then, Mike Lee,you have no idea what Godzilla is. Godzilla is a loud, fire breathing, clumsy staggering mess of a mutant that wrecks everything in its way. Kind of like the Tea Party.

Congresscreep Randy Weber (Nuttier than Ron Paul-Tx), the successor to old Uncle Slapnutz Ron Paul, didn't even wait for President Blackenstein to rumble into the House before insulting him with the oh so clever "Kommandant-in-Chief" tweet. Been watching to much of that Hogans Heroes on the METV have ya, Randy? Funny Nazis, I got your back, bro. Randy went back on the twitter to launch a few more zingers during Nobama's call to communism by referring to POTUS by its real Texas name, "Poor Obama Trashed US"....excuse me for a second......haaaaaaaaa.....ok...nice one Representative Dumbfuck from Texas. Hey, I don't necessarily mean Randy, that title could fit any number of Texas reps.

Somebody named Katie Pavlich, who appears on Fox News because she's blonde and Roger Ailes needs new spank bank material, likes to tweet a LOT. When President Schwarze spoke about climate change, Katie tweeted out a lot of screen grabs of low temperatures in the south. You know, cuz like if its cold in winter anywhere, that like proves that like global warming is stupid.

Erick Erickson, whose parents saw what they had in the baby basket and said fuck it, just call him Erick, was in his typical all you Uterus-Americans are dopes mode. Erick the Redkneck was calling out "Abortion Barbie" who I assume, you sexist fat fuck, is Wendy Davis (Awesome-Tx). Erickson was out trolling for twitter blowjobs and got them form the likes of self hating babes like Laura Ingraham, Dana Perino, Andrea Tantaros, Dana Loesch, and Jonah Goldberg.

The aforementioned Dana Loesch, who describes herself as a Missourian (strike 1 2 and 3), a radio host (strike 4 5 and 6) and a meathead.....oh sorry, it says "metalhead", stated that Republican respondee Cathy McMorris Rodgers (No fuckin idea-Whereever)sat on a settee instead of a birth control pill while yakking. Huh? Dana, do you know how birth control pills even work? Been hanging with Limbaugh again? Don't pull his finger, you'll thank me later.

Hey they all are pretty dumb responses to President Blackula's speech. But one thing positive, at least they didn't threaten to throw Nobama over "the fucking railing".

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