Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pete Seeger!

I went to see Inside Llewyn Davis last Saturday (more about that later) and while watching I often thought about Bob Dylan and Peter, Paul & Mary and especially Pete Seeger. Pete was never somebody I could call anything more than a guy who made me feel good about being on this earth. I didn't own any of his records, I never saw him in concert, I probably couldn't name you more than 5 of his songs. But Pete Seeger, when he was on my television screen made me glad to be a goddamned American liberal. He had that inner peace, that sense of right and wrong, that knowledge that what he was saying was the truth. The man had a moral compass and he didn't care who knew it.

Pete Seeger died at the age of 94 the other day. That makes me sad because it means there's one less of us and Ted Nugent's clout has gone one up.

You know, Bruce Springsteen was correct. He introduced Pete Seeger once as looking "like your granddad, if your granddad could still kick your ass".

Yep, Pete Seeger kicked everybody's ass.

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