Sunday, October 13, 2013

When Tea Bag Comes Waddling Home Hurrah!

The usual suspects, the totally non racist tea party showed up in Washington along with their Princess of the North, The Quitta from Wasilla, to continue that obsession they have with the WW 2 Memorial. Listening to screeds from the likes of Canadian interloper Teddie Cruz (R-Alberta) and Mormon Nutjob Mike Lee (R-Planet Kolob) the non veteran crowd was whipped into a frenzy so much that they took down barricades and walked around asking "hey what's this Bataan Death March, did that Nobammy do that to the Bataanies?"

But finally, after a rousing speech by conservative paranoid schizophrenic Larry Klayman in which he brought up the standard crowd whipper upper points about Korans and Mooslims and demanded that President Hussein come out of the White House with his hands up, the totally non racist teabaggers waddled over to the White House and waved Confederate flags. What, no sale at Wal Mart on pre made nooses?

And remember everyone, "Repect Our Vets"!

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