Wednesday, October 2, 2013

D Day?

Hey everybody step right up, the House Republicans fell all over themselves after shutting down the WW II Memorial to get there for a little "civil disobedience" and let the old geezers past the barricades. Now granted, the news media, the liberal news media that is, liked to smile and talk about oldsters "storming the barricades" and write headlines referring to Hitler and Tojo getting their ass kicked again because after all, Steve King (Possessed-Ia) and Louie Gohmert (Beyond Stupid Even For-Tx) are every bit as big a threat to this nation as Der Fuehrer and Mojo Tojo was.

The WW II Veterans showed up at the "closed" Memorial yesterday as yet another grandstanding asshole , Republican Steven Palazzo (PT Barnum-Ms) showed up to let' em in. Oh and who else, let's see, the aforementioned non veteran King, the aforementioned Texas twit Gohmert, and who just happened to be "walking by" but Congress' best looking crazy bitch Michele Bachmann (Gabe-Mn). Are those three involved in some kind of twisted threesome where they furiously sexy time each other by making crazy eyes and then shutting each other down at the exact moment anything makes sense?

The "civil disobedience" referred to involved Steve King (Shitferbrains-Ia) "distracting" the guards while Palazzo and the rest of these self aggrandizing pricks removed the rope and let the old guys "storm" the Memorial. King, you old rabble rouser you. I guess you have a bit of Dennis the Menace in you after all, you old scamp. "Civil Disobedience" eh Steve old sport.

Let me tell you what my father would have done. He was a WW 2 veteran involved in kicking Hitler's ass. He didn't talk about man's inhumanity to man much. He probably didn't storm anything except maybe the beer truck when it showed up at the muddy camp at Dusseldorff. He would have seen people like King, Gohmert, Bachmann and Pallazo jacking themselves off for the cameras and probably have gotten on one of those "Honor Flights", taken a taxi to the Memorial, gotten out and pepper sprayed every one of those Republican blowhards for their "civil disobedience". Then he would have walked around the Memorial and enjoyed every second of it.

Those veterans didn't need your fucking help, Steven, Steve, Michele and Louie. They could have asked the guard to let them in and it would have worked. But to be pawns in your bullshit was what it's all about. Had they not all been 87 plus, some of them may have stormed you right out of the way. But to you clowns, they're just somebody to take advantage of momentarily, get your picture taken and twittered out by the googly eyed 25 year old staffer, then go back to Capitol Hill and cut funding from their health care.

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