Friday, October 4, 2013

Loco Reigns!

How bad is it in Washington DC when the craziest person there is NOT some mentally unstable, unarmed, woman from Connecticut who gets whacked by an unpaid police force for driving bad and what the hell, maybe the cops were pretending she was Ted Cruz or something. Hey, the unpaid cops got a standing ovation from the guys who stopped paying them. I'll bet that made them think yep, this is all worth it.

Who is nuttier?

Randy Neugebauer (Another Crazy Person From-Tx), who before now was best known for hollering "Baby Killer" at some Democrap baby killer during a "debate" about abortion on the floor of the House, decided he'd rather be known for being a complete asshole by waddling over to that WW2 Memorial he shut down and verbally assaulting some female Park Ranger for doing what he and his buddies told her to do. Shut down da gubmint. Except when he can get his face on TV and pretend like he gives a shit by being a big fucking bully to one of those chicks who oughta be home makin babies instead of working for the gubmint. When some bike riding male decided to tell Neugebauer to fuck off and stop being a jerk, he ran away like most Republicans do whenever danger lurks. The irony of this Texas pussbag running from a mean old bike rider while pretending to defend the rights of veterans who got shot at by Nazis and crazy Banzai people is not lost on anyone other than the 74% of dumbass Texans who elected this dirtbag.

Sarah Palin, well that is just too easy. But fuck it. Palin, going all Abbie Hoffman, calls for "civil disobedience" by running around the "Barrycades" at the WW2 Memorial and being all Patriotic-ey and stuff because Obama has chefs and golf courses and he didn't send "security" to stop Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi and he's black like Glen Rice and blahhhhhhhhh.

Mark Levin, a shrill Lollipop Guild member who screeches into a radio microphone nightly wants Obama to know one goddamned thing. If "You lay one hand on one of those men and arrest them for going to their memorial.......we will come out of every town and city in this nation! We will come out of every county. And both coasts! Both borders! And we will march on Washington against your tyranny!".......

Wow, Mark. That's big talk from a non veteran troll like yourself. How would Obama and his Nazi Socialist Communist Muslim security force handle you and your 15 or 20 wheelchair bound listeners from storming the White House. Or the early bird buffet at the Golden Corral? Levin , the cartoon voiced squirrel, rants nightly on radio because Sean Hannity is better looking to the half blind 75 year olds who watch Hannity on television. Poor Mark. Bitter because he writes all of Hannity's books, tells Hannity what to say, and gets none of Hannity's "glory". Levin in a crowd would be in danger of being a dwarf.

And finally, before I implode from all this stupidity, is Texas (where else?) Congressscum John Culberson (Dick-Tx) who hollered "Let's roll!" as House Anarchists voted to shut down the government because of that Muslim Commie health care bill that would give all those lazy ass poors access to a doctor. Culberson, a terrorist who has stopped the American government from functioning, is pissed because Nobammy talked to that "lunatic" in Iran, that "psycho" in Syria and "terrorists" everywhere before he'd talk to Culberson and his band of "terrorists". Hey John, Iran and Syria and Momammed Atta and Osama Bin Obama could not stop the United States Government from functioning, maybe it pissed its pants a bit but it kept going, but YOU did. Who's the fucking problem here?

God, those Texas textbooks are getting dumber and dumber. If Culberson and Neugebauer are products of the OLD Texas textbooks that were deemed too liberal for dainty lil Texas schoolkiddies, what the hell are they teaching them now? That 30 > 435 and fuck the three branches of government, the only thing that counts is what I and my fellow dimwits think. Now go get on your dinosaur like Jesus did and speak English just like Jesus did.

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