Sunday, October 20, 2013

General Butt Whaaaaaaaaaat?

There's a fine line between stupid and clever as rock legend David St.Hubbins told us in This is Spinal Tap. Few can pull both off at the same time. But South Park creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker do it regularly, in fact they go beyond clever and usually move right into brilliant. Their South Park movie was so brilliant it almost brought an Academy Award to one of it's songs. Blame Canada was nominated but rejected by the stodgy academy in favor of the Phil Collins snoozer "You'll be In My Heart". Stone and Parker are also responsible for Team America and "America, Fuck Yeah!" shouted out everytime we do something stupid, which is often.

The Book of Morman has been in town for a week or so and we all went to it today. Now that it's gone from here in Nebraska it probably means its been everywhere so I'm preaching to the choir but all I can say is if you get a chance and haven't forked over the $50 and up ,DO IT! It is worth every penny.

The show is offensive, distasteful, filthy, objectionable, blasphemous, and fucking hilarious. I had tears in my eyes on a couple of occasions howling at some of the lyrics to the songs and some of the dialogue.

The story involves two Mormon missionaries assigned to preach to Ugandans for their two year mission. Two white Mormons. yeah I know its redundant, in Uganda? Yeah it's great. Nothing is off limits in this show and nothing does not get harpooned. Jesus, Joseph Smith, Aids, Murder, Gays, Religion, and even radiology get a prominent place in being lampooned in this play. We all loved it.

So if you think that Mormonism is as nutty as Scientology or any other religion for that matter, go find this someplace and patronize it. In the program we got, the Mormons placed an ad asking you to now read the Book of Mormon. I presume either Mormons have a sense of humor, which we know is not true since Mittens Romney is one of them, or they are really as clueless as Elder Cunningham. Or there's a third possibility. That being they are as arrogant as every other religion in thinking people aren't really laughing at them, but with them. Nope. It's at you.

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