Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day Care On The Potomac!

Now that the bratty little treasonous shits have been defeated after successfully doing something no foreign nation, no enemy of the United States, no terrorist or even the Sandinistas couldn't accomplish, shutting down the most powerful government on earth, let's go to the adult, Chairman Kenyan Indonesian Communist Socialist Muslim Fuehrer Barack Osama Hussein Obammy spike the ball and tell the opposition tea party he will not help them pull it out of their ass.

The Tea Bag Party is still sniffling and grumping and rounding up a list of idiots so vast, it really does point out the need for more mental hospitals, to run against the Nobama kiss asses like Thad Cochran (Old Racist-Ms) and Mitch McConnell (Yertle-Ky) in Republican primaries so the Democrats can continue to hold the Senate and the tea baggers can continue to whine and complain and be all non racist cuz that's easy.

Obama today rubbed it all in on the tea party by stating "You don't like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there win an election,".

What in the name of Ronald Reagan did that disrespectful, Black Panther, Muslim, smart ass, anti white, Marxist, boy say? How dare he!!! Why back in teabag glory days, that kind of sass talk would have resulted in the use of a cotton gin, some rope and a river. My stars, why can't this man be more like the last president who showed up to spike the ball at the 50 yard line on an aircraft carrier with a flight suit, a cucumber and a stupid ass banner?

Seriously, and god knows how I love being all serious, what Obama needs to do now is crush these fuckers while they are down. To let these creeps back up is akin to letting the guy who just tried to kill your child back up. Knees on shoulders, a couple of slaps, and wait for the cops, in this case, normal sane people voting the Gohmerts and the Kings out of office and back to the street corners from which they came.

If Obama does not get tough, this shit will happen again. The fear shown by Boner, McConnell and the rest of the leadership is really not very manly. To be afraid of scooter riding nincompoops interested in preserving a white America and a boatload of free government stuff while proclaiming how their rude, obnoxious and plain dumb behavior is all for their grandkids is the ultimate in cowardice. Fuck these people and their real agenda. The same old bunch of nitwits that have been around since Barry Goldwater lifted the rock and let them slither out.

Come on, President Obama, become all they fear. A pissed off black man ready to come boil them in a pot.

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