Thursday, October 10, 2013

No Seriously, I Meant Idiot As An Honor To All Idiots!

Listening to talk radio is impossible now as it's nothing but right wingers ranting about the Mooslim Kenyan Socialist Nazi shutting down the gubmint they hate so much, sort of right wingers jerking off to this guy who mowed the lawn in Washington DC and hollering how the whole government should be manned by volunteer lawn mowers, volunteer cops and volunteer air traffic controllers, and left wingers, oh right, there aren't any lefties on radio because libtards can think for themselves.

Then there's sports talk radio. The bastion of those mouth breathers too fucking stupid to even have a stupid political opinion about how Ditka would have beaten Obama and saved us from the apocalypse that is sure to happen now that poors can go to the doctor and not die from a preventable disease.

Nothing makes me heap big smile than a bunch of slack jawed white guys hollering about how the Washington Redskins nickname doesn't offend them at all. Then they scream about how Irish people should be all pissed about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. But of course Irish people are either drunk or punching each other so they have no time to get all offended by some college team with a French and gay name so there.

Redskins? Seriously? In 2013? I am not going to debate whether Redskins is offensive because of course it is and if you can't see it what's the point? But the origin of how the Redskins name came about is verryyyyy interesting. Named by owner George Preston Marshall, current hell dweller and notorious racist asshole when he was on earth. Marshall took until 1962 to sign a black player, and left his fortune to his foundation with the caveat that the $6 million not be used "for any purpose which supports or employs the principle of racial integration."

So I'm sure that Marshall's name "Redskins" was in complete honor to our Native American citizens. Even the Cleveland Indians owner was all up in their face about the name Redskins saying they should change it. And this Cleveland jackoff continues to use Chief Wahoo. Chrissakes, when other racial offenders call you out, maybe you should listen.

And as far as this idiot pictured above, Chief Zee, aka Chief Dumbfuck, what the hell is the matter with this moron? Geez, Chief Zee, we know all Indian chiefs were black and wore glasses, who doesn't know that? Spot on, bro.

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