Thursday, April 11, 2013


We're number 3, We're number 3! Not good enough for the state of Arkansas, absolutely intent on banning abortion, and now stopping the so called experts from teaching the young uns how to avoid abortion cuz we all know if a kid aint taught all that birds and bees stuff ,they won't know how to make a baby and probably wait till they're 17 like mama did.

The Arkansas State Senate has decided to defund Planned Parenthood and keep them from teaching high school kids all about that stuff kids do after a couple of wine coolers in the back of the El Camino. Arkansas, which is really just thiiiiiiiissss far from just being Kansas, is already rated 3rd in the nation in teen pregnancies in the Lamaze coaches poll. Apparently, the brain trust that is the Arkansas legislature will not be happy until they are #1. I can see it now as thousands of Arkansas teens pump together to make the state where Bill Clinton ran from number one!

Home schooling sex education from Mom & Pop. What could possibly go wrong? Yes, Mary Lou the Fourth, all ya have to do is douche with that Dr.Pepper, or jump up and down afterwards, take a few aspirin after and no babies will come. It is foolproof.

Yep, Arkansas will be # 1 soon enough. Unless of course its main rivals in the Crazy 8 conference, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma or North Dakota decide to recruit some Arkansas hotties to get that pregnancy rate up, up, up.

Seriously for a second. Is this fucking 2013? Are the Teabaggers rushing to turn the country into the Republic of Gilead before they get tossed out on their cans in 2014? Sounds like it to me. In the meantime, poor kids and poor women will pay the price of governance by theocrats. We don't need to worry about Iran. We have Iran right here. Run by fundamentalist mullahs called Republicans. Let's just hope the poor folks of Christian Republic of North-Dak-Ark-ansas-lahoma-xas survive.

Freedumb! Aint it better than a two peckered billy goat!

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