Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Manchin Toomey! The Great Gun Conpromise!

Hoorah! A "compromise", oh the sweet stuff of democracy, has been met to allow a Senate vote on background checks on gutbellies who wish to buy the biggest gun they ever did see at the local county fairground gun show! Huh? What? The compromise was made by who? Joe and Pat? Manchin and Toomey? What the fuck kind of compromise is that? That's like a compromise between Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan on how to make crazy harder to be. I love how the media, that liberal media, is calling this a "bipartisan" compromise. Bipartisan? Yeah one gun nut shaking hands with a bigger gun nut. Ah, yes, America works again.

And oh yeah, the Child Murder Advocates, aka the NRA, still opposes this "compromise" because they, being all clairvoyant and shit, say it won't stop the next shooting. Yeah see, somebody just got shot, Seeee, another one just went down, oh my yessssss, another one.........It's like porn to them. Unlimited porn, featuring NRA videos biggest star, Wangdoodle LaPierre,fucking everybody who gets in his overbitten way! And like porn, the massacres are over in seconds, freeing the Child Murder Advocates to feel guilty until they begin fondling the Beretta again after some refraction time.

I have no idea if this "compromise" will even come to pass. Our own Nebraska version of Sarah Palin, Senator Debbie Fischer (Welfare Rancher-Ne), has promised to use all means necessary to stop any gun control legislation from being debated because she's all gunny and stuff. Hey, I know we Nebraskans have some dumb sunsabitches out there representin in DC (check out Lee Terry (Nitwit-Sarpy County)defending the Keystone pipeline by saying Chinese steel is stronger than the American steel used to build that pesky leaky pipeline in Arkansas) but Debbie Fischer is truly Nebraska'a biggest embarrassment to come. Bought and paid for by Joe Ricketts, the guy who bought the worst performing sports franchise this side of the Chernobyl China Syndromes, the Chicago China Syndromes, Debbie slaughtered Bob Kerrey by winning approximately 80% of the votes of the moochers in small town Nebraska who hate the moochers in Omaha and Lincoln because they are , ya know, not hard workin like them. She is every bit as dumb as Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin or Joe "Rape Baby" Mourdock yet won because when Joe Ricketts tells y'all Bob Kerrey is from Nooooo Yorrrrk City you listen and do what you are told. Enough about the Valentine Visigoth. It just depresses me.

Background checks, hmmm. The more I think about it the more I wish the fortune tellers of the NRA, who boldly predict there will be more shootings after background checks are implemented, would tell us not so much about the backgrounds of the gun nut, but the foreground of the gun nut. Now THAT would make me join the NRA! Hey Wangdoodle LaPierre, who's gonna win the 6th race trifecta at Santa Anita tomorrow?

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