Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Please Get A Cup Of STFU For The Senator!

White Hat is communicating now, whether by writing or speaking one word at a time. Too bad the fucking politicians now attempting to profit politically by showing how big their dicks are can't communicate the same way. Chuck Schumer of New York and Diane Feinstein of California are so angry at the Boston bombing they wanna hang White Hat now. Shit, imagine if may have happened somewhere close to where the hell they live.

Senator and Southern Gentleman Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is so afraid of White Hat he wants to send the mad bomber straight to Guantanamo so he won't be afraid of him any longer. Mahh stars, he might open Lindsey's closet and say Boo Akbar or something.

Some New York state senator, Greg Ball, whipped his cannon balls out the other day and said he would torture White Hat or something and what a tough guy he was as a "red blooded" American. Hey dipshit, everybody has red blood. But not everybody has a working brain.

Stella Tremblay is state rep of some sort in New Hampshire , one guess on which party, and believes that the Boston bombing was a "Black Ops" event run by, I assume, Barack Hussein Obama the dark prince. Tremblay, who looks sort of like Michael Chiklis with a dead evergreen bush on her head, said that she didn't understand why "are you leaving it to some dumb representative to ask questions" about the coup designed as a test for when the Islamist Obama cell unleashes martial law and makes you stay inside while they go door to door taking your guns. Well, she got the "dumb representative" part right.

Louis Gohmert (Mental Midget-Tx) thinks Al Qaeda is training sleeper cells to "act Hispanic" which I'm sure to Gohmert is not speaking English and being lazy. Maybe White Hat writes stuff down in one of them Mexican accents. Gohmert is the kind of guy who if he saw something "suspicious", like a non white at one of his events, he would piss his pants and hide behind his giant cloak of stupidity.

Steve Stockman (How Does Anybody Vote For This Fucking Idiot-oh right-Texas)demands apologies from Wolf Blitzer, who Stockman probably believes is some sort of Bolshevik with that beard and that funny name because in his diseased mind Wolf insulted those fine "patriots" who wouldn't bomb anything other than a Martin Luther King Day parade. Blitzer, who oughta apologize to everybody, but not for that, just says nothing, like he does 4 hours a day.

Steve King (Goddamned Psycho Just Look At His Eyes-Ia)immediately went all xenophobic and called for a halt to all immigration, at least for the ones that don't look like King anyway, because he just knew it was some wild eyed foreign national. Now that he was wrong again, keeping his 100% dumbfuck rating intact, King wants an apology because he turned out to be right. If Iowa elects this dimwit to the Senate to team up with a rube like Chuck Grassley I may build a bomb. To blow myself up.

Hey, if we have to face years of this circus, an O J The Sequel type of event, well so be it. But the bottom line is this and I'm not really sure why this is so fucking hard to get. White Hat is an American citizen. He murdered 4 people and tried to murder 160 or so more. Try him. Convict him. Send him to prison forever. Case closed.

But that will not do for these politicians, eager to strut and preen for cameras. Sometimes I wonder just who the real threat to our society is. Crazy bombers & mass murderers who go to jail,, or "public servants" who keep it all so legal for things like this to happen, and then crow how they want it to stop. How flippin stupid are we? Who votes for these assholes? Not me, cuz I never win. Neither do the ones who DO vote for them.

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