Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ebony And Ivory!

Thank goodness they got the White Hat. Thank goodness they got him alive. Thank goodness it's over and a city of millions can now leave their house now that a twice wounded bleeding out 19 year old follower of the black hatted Amman Joe Carroll is in custody. Now the real fun begins. How can we blame Nobama for the whole thing?

Glenn Beck, the mentally ill millionaire, has given the Muslim Kenyan until Monday to come clean on the Saudi national originally thought to be the bomber by really dumb people. Beck will expose the Indonesian usurper illegal President for being in cahoots with the Saudi national who personally Benghazi'd all 4 of those dead American diplomats who Beck hated right up till the time they stopped breathing and he figured he could further enrich himself with more conspiracy theories his rather dense audience loves. Ahh, Beck loves the smell of dead Americans in the morning.

Donald Trump, the weasel wearing reality show loudmouth, spent all night tweeting about killing White Hat right then and there after a "fair" trial, putting the execution on live TV, and topped it off with a tweet wondering if White Hat was eligible for Obamacare. Trump, whose description by the late great Spy Magazine was a "short fingered vulgarian", has spent the last few years of his miserable life "firing" celebrities, wishing he could "date" his daughter, grifting both government cretins and public morons with tales of faked birth certificates and foreign intrigue from the fake Hawaiian enemy of the state President while he blathers on pretending he's rich. Jesus, Trump, get the ego reduced. Any guy who tells Latoya Jackson that "Michael was your brother, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, he was my friend" really needs a conscience transplant.

Liz Cheney, no not the lezzie one, the heartless spawn of Dr.Evil one, has already begun frothing at the fangs that nobody will get to put the thumbscrews to White Hat. Already threatening the good folks of Wyoming with a possible run for the United States Senate, no wait, that's a threat to the good folks of America, LizDick yaps "NBC reporting Obama admin will treat terrorist as a 'criminal' and not enemy combatant," ... "Will Obama allow him to lawyer up?". First of all, what the fuck is she doing watching NBC? Was the cable out or was even she sick of Sean Hannity's bullshit? Second of all, White Hat is an American citizen. Oh not the "right" kind of American citizen per Liz I am sure but nonetheless he is one. I'm sure when Liz Cheney's ancestors flapped their bat wings and flew over here from Transylvania when the torch carrying mobs got to close to Count Cheney's castle they probably said "blahhhhh, rights for me and not for you!"

Pamela Geller, writing on some blog called "American Thinker" (I'm sure that's meant as irony)says that all bombings are "jihad" related while all mass shootings are "mental illness" related. Oh I see. Geller, who drives around the country aimlessly warning of "jihads" and the indigestion caused by falafel and goat meat, called the law enforcement authorities, and we all know who "appointed" them, that mad bomber in the White House, "Keystone Kops" for not arresting some Arab within minutes of the blasts. That damned Hussein Obama and his crappy FBI and stuff can't even get railroading somebody right!

Lindsey Graham, that effeminate heterosexual John McCain puppy dog, apparently wants to ship White Hat straight to Gitmo so he doesn't hafta deal with such madness being a Southern gentleman, y'all. Uhhh, Lindsey, and all the rest of you people who jack off to the Second Amendment, what is it about American citizens having rights you can't comprehend? Terrorism is a crime. Just like murder, or stealing, or sodomy in some states (South Carolina, anyone?). You get rights when you are accused of such crimes. Fucking constitution and all that bleeding heart liberal bullshit.

Mark Levin, the siren voiced troll who writes Sean Hannity's scripts, was allowing the media stream of the arrest of White Hat on his show last night when he suddenly cut it off, and began screeching in his oh so soothing way, "get those leftists off my show". Now who he meant by "leftists" I am not sure. But I assume he meant the media, the Governor, the Mayor, the Police Commissioner, the FBI, the Homeland Security, Nobama and Chris Christie. Levin have children? And if so, have they come out from under their beds yet when they hear Daddy coming to read them more Atlas Shrugged before sleepy time?

Finally, Chechnyan President Ramzan Kadyrov Obama, a reach around boy for Vladimir Putin Obama, said "It is necessary to seek the roots of evil in America". Oh I see, Ramzan. It's our fault . Yep, I remember when I was in high school and taking the mandatory Bomb Making 1 and the Killing Infidels 2 (actually being in Catholic school I am not sure that wasn't offered). Hey dumbshit, did you see how many "evil" Americans rushed to the aid of the victims of the bombings? That's the "root" of America. Not a couple of nuts blinded by whatever ideology no matter what it is. Shit, I'm starting to sound all jingoistic and rah rah. So unlike me. But for chrissakes, when I hear some puppet of some dictator, you know, like Chris Christie, open his piehole and blame the victim, you know, like Rush Limbaugh, I get a bit torqued off. Shut up, Chechnya dude, we won't invade you like back when Bush was around. We'd invade, oh I don't know, someplace close like Azerbaijan, that has oil of course.

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