Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm So 47% Mad Right Now!

Oh lord I love it when Republicans use the term "Nixonian" when they're all pissed off about getting caught being who they are. Mitch McConnell is so mad over his stupidity being outed again that he may actually try to tip over his terrarium and fall out of his closet just to give you a piece of his mind.

It seems like Mother Jones has once again caught a group of medieval Republicans talking about something we all know they think and goddammit they are really torqued off about it. Oh not about the Ashley Judd is a mental case, Ashley Judd is anti-coal, Ashley Judd is anti-family, Ashley Judd is a whorish twat kind of stuff. Nope, they're hoppin mad that they got caught talking like a bunch of, well, Kentucky hillbillies. Damn that Mother Nixon Jones! Call in the FBI, call in the CIA, call in Mittens Romney!

Hey,dumbfucks, listen. People , you know, the people you ignore when they fill up your moonshine glass , the people who you yell at cuz the bourbon is watered down, the people who clean up your mess, the people who hand you the shit you asked for and you don't bother to thank? They hate your guts. And thanks to the guy who took down Mittens Romney, they are out there, with their "free" Obamaphones and their "stolen" I pods, and they are waiting to take your asses down too. So learn nothing Senator Yertle. Keep talking like nobody is listening, Republicans. They are. And using the very thing good old President Nixon gave you. Evidence for your own demise!

On another front, some weirdo (was it Ashley Judd?) stabbed 14 people in Texas today. Nobody died as of now. Besides Texans thinking the person who did this is some kind of pansy (a knife? what a Nancy Boy)I can't wait for the inevitable "whattya gonna do now? Ban knives?" followed by the smirk of a not so clever mind. Well there, child murder advocates, 14 people stabbed by a madman with an assault knife. Nobody dead? Sounds like a plan to me. Give up the guns, here's a free knife.

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