Sunday, January 20, 2013

Welcome To The Gun Show!

Get to your local gun show fast before that Indonesian gun grabbing usurper elected by gays and minorities and illegals and Acorn gets re inaugurated cuz once he does he's unleashed and will turn into Hitler and Mao and Stalin all in one. And we know all three of those guys grabbed everybody's guns before they started killing patriots who used to be able to fight off tanks and Stukas with their Lugers. How do I know that happened when it really didn't? Well Sean and his cohorts wouldn't lie to me.

You go to a gun show and walk out with a weapon that not only kills a deer but shreds it into a venison chimichanga all in one burst. All over the nation twitching paranoid freaks are waiting in the cold to get in to get fleeced by some profiteering gun seller who will not only sell you a child murder delivery device but listen to your nutty Obama conspiracy theories without laughing. Yeah, they're trained to keep a straight face while you carry on about Sandy Hook being a fraud and crisis actors and not yawning as you say the mandatory "guns don't kill people...." ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Oh, sorry, I would make a lousy gun seller.

The liberal commie press told us 5 people got shot at gun shows all over this great Nobama aint my president nation over the weekend. Emory Cozee , an Indiana staple of a name, shot hisself in the hand with his brand new 45 cuz he forgot about the round still in the chamber. Yep, these are people who know and "respect" guns. Here in rootin tootin Nebraska, "hundreds" of gun enthusiasts whose wives were goddamned ecstatic these camouflaged goofs were gone for the day gathered at the State Capitol in Lincoln to rant about a non existent "problem". The Nebraska legislature has no plans to do anything about guns, unless its to pass a bill to allow fetuses to possess handguns. That band of bolo tied hicks think Ted Nugent is just another hippie peacenick. Gunna, please.

Gun shows. Lots of guns. No background checks. Lots of racist anti-Nobummer funny bumper stickers and T shirts. And thousands of revenge minded crazies ready to knock off all the bad guys that will never bother them. Dammit!

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