Wednesday, January 23, 2013

POTUS 45 Speaks!

Sean Hannity's worst nightmare showed up on the Hill today to take on the lightweights that compose the Senate Fox News Committee. POTUS #45, oh that's Hillary Clinton by the way, FINALLY came up to face down the intense questioning of some idiot from Wisconsin not named Paul Ryan. That is after she faked that falling and concussing and junk just to avoid the unbearable inquiry of some other idiot from Kentucky not named Mitch McConnell.

Naw, Hillary Clinton aint gonna take your shit like that Kenyan usurper did for 4 years. So there, Ron Johnson, whoever the fuck you are. Who gave you those stupid questions anyway, Ron? Some Fox in the henhouse perhaps?

And you Ron,errrr, Rand Paul. What in the name of John Galt were you talking about as Hillary drank water and ignored you? Comedians, charging stations, lack of security? You mean like when Paul Ryan and his yokels denied the increase in spending on security on overseas embassies? Rand Paul would have relieved her of her duties if he "had been President at the tahhm"? Holy shit! Rand Paul thinks he could be President? That's news right there! Aqua Buddha and his rug being President? Jesus, let me compose myself as I can't stop laughing.

Wow, these Republican egomaniacs are playing with fire here. Hillary should have just hollered as she sat down, "Dont Fuck With Me Fellas!"

Rand Paul and Ron Johnson are nobodies. Blips on the Senate radar screen. Ron Johnson is a one term tea party freak and Rand Paul is a tin foil hat wearing chip off the old block. Johnson ran off to the friendly confines of right wing talk radio to whine that Hillary avoided his questions. No, she took your stupid fucking questions, and shoved them back down your throat. Rand Paul ran off to his government provided proctologist to remove his head from his ass.

John McCain was there too, and glowered and growled how much he didn't like her answers but didn't veer off to Foxland like the clueless Johnson and the paranoid Paul did.

Hey dimbulbs. This isn't Susan Rice you're dealing with here. Hillary Clinton will shred you like documents proving Rand Paul is from outer space and is the bastard spawn of Art Bell and that chick from V. Let's hope it continues as she takes on the hicks and hillbillies from the House.

Goddamn, I haven't enjoyed a woman kicking guys in the balls this much since Billie Jean King sent that old man Bobby Riggs back to his rocking chair back in the 70's. So far it's about a million to love. Hillary, are you related to Serena Williams?

What? Serena lost? In Australia? Great, cmon Rupert Murdoch, you Aussie dildo, Hillary is out for revenge.

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