Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obamgo Unchained!

Can these paranoid freaks shoot themselves any more without dying? What the fuck is this? The Child Murder Advocates unleashed this ad which I assume plays in lunatic asylums on a continuous loop or at tea party rallies, whining that because President Blacky McBlackenstein has "armed guards" for his daughters and you don't, that he is an uppity negro who wants all your honky kids to die. Rat On Brother!

The ad itself is laughably Saturday Night Live like but the part that kills me (metaphorically of course)is Barack Hussein Mao Stalin Hitler's fellow "elitists" pictured as he stands over them with his elitist nose up in the air looking down on you peckerwoods.

Well we have Joe Biden, the cloddish bleep, I mean veep, who laughed derisively at that nice boy Paul Ryan as he lied and lied and lied and junk. Then we have what looks like some New York elitist looking guy with his arms all folded and looking all conspiracy like as he secretly plots to take your guns and remove a nativity scene or two from your town square. Looks like his name might end in "berg" if ya know what I mean. Then we have some woman, you know, that wench who isn't Nancy Pelosi but looks like her name might end in "stein" if ya still know what I mean. She's smiling like she just ordered a super secret Obama SWAT team to come to your house and take your 100 round drums. Deer Lover!

And then there's a folded arm member of that commie media. David Gregory. That controversial lib who asks such tough questions of Republicans on that Meet The Press or as Rush calls it "Meet the Depressed" (ha!). I mean David Gregory is such an elitist commie he actually committed a crime by holding up some sort of gun clip and challenged that patriot Wayne LaPierre to an intelligence test. Both were found to be unarmed.

Ok to be serious. Hey dipshits, the Obama girls are the children of the POTUS. That means people like,oh I don't know, NRA members and gun nuts probably scribble death threats to them on a daily basis. I'm sure the hilarious ad above only has encouraged fellow gun crazies to get out the old email machine, the crayons, the cut out letters from Outdoor Life, the magic markers and the all capital letter mindsets and send off all sorts of love letters to the Obama rug rats.

How DARE that uppity elitist Obummer hire armed guards for his kids while you have to rely on Barney Fife. Oh wait, Barney Fife was armed too.

My solution is simple. Pay nuns to teach. One per school. No habits. No uniforms. No way for some shaved headed oddball with an AR 15 to know exactly where the nun is. But trust me, as a grizzled veteran of the 1960's Nun-nam War (PTSD is REAL!) you just never know when Sister Sylveria is coming out of a room and whacking your murderous ass with a dust broom right upside your head. Go Sister Go!

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