Friday, December 21, 2012

Wayne La Pepe' Le Pew Speaks!

Holy shit! What the hell was THAT??? After a week of thinking it over, Wayne "Needle Dick" LaPierre holds a presser to address the murder of 26 people, 20 of whom were 6 or 7 years old, and he came up with this? What the fuck would he have said had he not had a week to come up with an intelligent response? Something like that idiot who said the 6 years olds should have bum rushed the shooter and nipped at his ankles till he fell over? Or better yet, what he spewed forth today.

LaPierre babbled on like the kind of guy he is. A well paid wingnut who doesn't possible believe anything he vomited all over the American people. "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" Really, numbnuts? You mean like when John Hinkley shot President Reagan and Jim Brady? Or hey, when Kennedy got blow away or yeah when George Wallace got gunned down, or Bobby Kennedy or on and on and on. Those assassins were fuckin surrounded by "good guys with guns". Didn't work, Wayne!

Armed guards in EVERY school? Really, Elmer Fudd? Your tea party cost cutters might not want to pay for that.

The media reports on it, bad? The video games are violent, bad? The movies are too carnage-like, bad (except for that cool Red Dawn blockbuster Wayne masturbates to). It's everybody's fault except the poor National Assault Rifle Association. The anti gun sane people are crazy, not the moon howlers who run the National Child Massacre Association. Yeah yeah, they are all rational human beings. All 4.3 million of them. They just want to shoot animals, shoot targets with Obama's picture on them for fun, and maybe now and then blast the shit out of a church full of liberals. What's the big deal?

No, I am so happy Wayne the Whiner came out and said EXACTLY what he said today.It was just brilliant! Wayne, I didn't think you could have taken your rat hole organization any deeper into the sewer , but goddammit, you did it! Way to go! Now everybody hates you and your Nugent listening moonshiners.

Now all sane NRA members, and there have to be about 4.2 million of those will resign on the spot from this insane organization. At least you would think so. I mean after all, I resigned from Acorn right after I illegally voted 16,000 times last November because they were so insane. Well, I will, if I ever find where the fucking office is.

In conclusion, and in all seriousness, I applaud you. Mr. Pepe Le Pierre. You just committed suicide on national TV and nobody got hurt.R._Budd_Dwyer would be so proud.

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Jack Jodell said...

That man is a disgusting example of the worst this country can produce. He speaks like a terrorist.