Friday, December 21, 2012

Plan B From Outer Space!

What the hell??? John Boner's Plan B to avoid all this fiscal cliff nonsense failed to gather enough Republican vote promises because that poor .19% of the Americans that give and give and give so the rest of us can live paycheck to paycheck would have lost some money they never use anyway? Migawd, that Obama really mucked that up, didn't he?

Hey Plan B was gold! Millionaires would see their tax rates skyrocket from 35 to 39% on all that hard earned money they pull in once they hit that magic million mark. Take that Mitt! You blew a slam dunk thanks to illegals and Acorn! You deserve to get your tax rates raised. Switzerland is on Line 1. Capital gains long term (I have absolutely no idea what that means, thus proving I'm a peasant)over the magic million would rise from 15 to 20%. Good heavens! How much more can we expect that .19% to pay? There, the fiscal cliff is solved, right? Geese lay golden eggs again, Mitch McConnell pokes his head out of the walk in closet again, and The United States is numero uno once again, right?

Huh? Only 60% of the revenue needed is raised that way? Well where the fuck does Plan B get the rest of it then? Yacht tax? Private plane tax? Car elevator tax? Bentley tax?

Boner. please! Remember that "failed stimulus" you kept hearing about in all those Karl Rove/Koch Brothers (hee hee I still giggle at how much $$ they lost) ads that told the "truth" about our Muslim socialist football interrupting President? A lot of that "failed stimulus" (which cost you either 800 million or 1.2 trillion depending on how big of a fucking liar the Republican candidate was) was tax breaks for us losers. The payroll tax cut for Socialism Security . Tax credits for snobby college tuition . Tax credits for low income folks who irresponsibly breed like rats and have kids . Lower increases for those mooching old people for inflation. Bah!

Hey all of that goes bye bye under Boners Plan B! You know what happens then. YOU and I pay it. Say goodbye to 3 grand or so. You know, Mitt Romney's daily egg nog budget. And not only that, Plan B, while raising taxes on Mr.Burns, preserves all those other tax breaks on that tip money income below a million resulting in an average tax cut of 108 thousand dollars for the .19%. Yeah baby! Plan B? More like Plan G for Grift.

But it went bye bye last night because the Boner couldn't even find enough Republicans to vote for it. Not because of the unfairness and bullshitness of the whole scam, but because tea party nuts still in Congress thought $108 thousand wasnt enough of a cut for their donors and $3 thousand more on the unwashed wasn't enough of a raise. Why are these id-jiots still there?

So it's dead. Plan B ,not the Boner (though he is on life support). Expect even bigger scams to come forth in the coming days. Me? I am all buckled in to go over the fucking cliff. It'll be a rough landing. But to know I'm spending a temporary 3 grand or so to kill off the Republican party will be worth it. And when the Congressional Democrats introduce a plan to restore the tax cuts for us peasants, I want to see how many of those gutless Republican pricks actually vote no. Oh, going off a cliff can be so fun. Like the roller coaster it scares the shit out of you at first, but then its over and you realize you want to do it again. In this case, going off the
cliff could result in not only a cheap thrill, but the end of a political party full of soulless Ayn Randian assholes.

Buckle up for safety!

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